Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!

Going to do Outbreak for a bit then some more Erannorth Rebord late

Ma streams

Slow and steady we hit 1k downloads last month. A few more episodes before I’m reeeech

JM is streaming Monster Hunter XXX – frankly I dislike the game. I am a much more Dragon’s Dogma person. But oh well…

The handsome and intelligent @Mike_Cathcart is currently growing and showing in stardew valley:

I was hoping it was you ;(

FYI Tom is streaming atm. I think its Age of Science Fiction. He’s explaining things as well.

Uh im watching JM now play Monster Hunter… it is pretty fun.

Outriders today

Friends, join me give the Warhammer flight game Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron a whirl.

Fam, join me as we try to fix some mechs in Mech Mechanic Simulator!

Friends, join me as I try the turn-based tactical roguelike thingy, Dead Hand!

I remember Tom streaming that once just after it hit 1.0 so maybe 2 years ago or so, it was horrible. I do see they have patched it a lot since, hope you don’t suffer playing it for too long @BrianRubin .

Dead Hand? It’s brutally hard but I had fun playing it once I figured out what I was doing.

McMaster is streaming on Twitch, I am too lazy to post/find a link.


Friends, today in Star Fleet II, one of my playtesters is stuck on a Centurion mission, 2-D, and has asked me to try it in practice mode to see if I can help them figure out how to get past it.

Super excited to have staff from SVS (makers of awesome subwoofers, Atmos speakers and full range speaker systems) join us at Home Theater United. We set a goal to reach out to industry players and this went really well.

Friends, the folks at Slitherine were nice enough to send me an early copy of Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector, so let’s give a whirl!

Guys, the handsome and dependable @Jason_McMaster is streaming with some Irish guy called Thomas O’ Chick:

Paging @vinraith @KristiGaines @lordkosc @Richard_Holt @marquac

Damn, missed this.

I wasn’t even paged :(

But Outriders is an horrible game that gives me even more headaches than Borderlands, so it’s ok.