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Friends, today in Star Fleet II, we have even more new toys to play with as we hunt for enemy colonies. Join me!

Friends, join me as I try the narrative RPG, The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante!

Friends, join me today as we play the vehicle-based spy thriller, Agent Intercept!

It’s a bummer you didn’t end up liking Agent Intercept. Love the style of it and the soundtrack being all 60’s spy movie pop.

They style was GREAT, the gameplay was kind of infuriating. It’s a rail shooting/driving thing, with fairly narrow lanes, but it’s like your vehicle has no power steering, and you have the just pull the stick way, way over the even move from one edge to the other. For a game with a lot of powerups and stuff to collect along the way, it’s maddening.

Friends, after finishing Far Cry 5, we vowed to do New Dawn, so let’s finally dive in!

Friends, today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, we’re gonna try to get better at shareholder meetings!

Friends, join me as we try the WWII first-person shooter, Land of War - The Beginning!

No Krellans vs. UGA today?

Next version isn’t ready yet so I was asked to postpone.

Friends, join me as we try the very neon roguelike shooter, Neon Abyss!

Gosh, I guess I should post some things in here from time to time to keep Brian company. :) I’ve got a tiny (but growing!) YouTube gaming channel that with a slightly eclectic mix of series. At the moment, I’ve got series going with Football Manager, Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator, Panzer Corps Gold, and tabletop historical/war gaming.

I’ll try to post some random updates in here from time to time. For the moment, below is the first video in a relatively new series for American Truck Simulator.

I’d be grateful for any feedback and/or support, of course. Thank you!

My friends, join me this morning as we give the colorful air racing game, Neon Wings: Air Race, a whirl!

My friends, Star Fleet II has been postponed until next week, so let’s relax with some Final Fantasy XIV.

Friends, today in Far Cry New Dawn, we’ll try to get some ethanol. Hopefully.

Starting early today, are we? Cool!

Oh I thought I could help Jm out with a small blurb about him playing this fascinating JRPG. But I am too late. I hope he pays be my 12 bux anyways.

(yes hes streaming this crazy JRPG with brains and killing etc … it is better than I thought)

LK come over and have a snack!

We interviewed THX this week about being acquired by Razer, redoing Deep Note, and the launch of their first commercial product, the THX Onyx DAC amplifier.

Friends, today in Star Fleet II, we’ve found our five enemy colonies, now it’s time to take them out.

Friends, I love janky first-person shooters, and Beyond Enemy Lines 2 looks to be one of the jankiest. Join me as we find out!