Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!


Nah, I believe we use evolve for virtual LAN, so it should be fine.


Quarantine is a strategy game inspired by Pandemic, Plague Inc, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, it’s isn’t very good. But I’m livestreaming it before I uninstall!


You go girl.


Stream Highlight.

Unfortunately OBS decided to stop streaming like 1/2 through my stream, so this rescue isn’t available from my POV.


What time do you guys play? I’d like to join in some time.


Hey folks, did a textual Q&A with the developers of Deep Sixed, which looks craaahaaaazy.


Really randomly. I will let you know when I am on next. We could just duo as well. I am Jon_Danger on steam.


awesome. I think we’re friends on Steam, but I’ll check.


The winner of this week’s Request Wednesday is Vanquish. Time for me to see what’s past the first act.


Not from me, but I thought this was pretty cool.

Gamasutra and Ken Rolston played Oblivion while streaming the conversation on Twitch.


is the secret sauce that it’s the worst Elder Scrolls game in design and concept?

They should have asked him about his badass game from 38 Studios.


Definitely has the ugliest faces. Man, I can’t even look at Oblivion anymore.


I know video listicles are hellspawn, but I feel a bit of pride in this one. Considering I’d never played Clash of Clans before getting the assignment, I thought it came off reasonably well.

Also, this is the first time my words have been spoken by a pretty woman. Kind of a rush, I must admit. It’s pronounced “woe unto,” though. =/


The one thing I really miss from Oblivion was the density and frequency of traps in dungeons. The ones in Skyrim are quite rare, and they usually consist of the tusk-thing swinging down to hit you, rocks dropping from the ceiling to hit you, or the gate-thing swinging sideways to hit you. Oblivion had traps that crushed you, trapdoor floors, darts, gas, water, monster closets, pendulum blades, spears, etc.


Hey! So I’m sure most of you don’t know this, but I’m the Assistant Editor for a web magazine called Unwinnable. We produce a nice looking PDF with cool artwork and photography and lots of games and culture writing. As part of a promotion, we’re giving away February’s issue.

Please, check it out! If you like it, consider supporting us!

Thank you!


Cool! I will check it out.



Another game of PUBG with my pal Matt.


Welcome to another week of spacey gaming my friends! This week I have again two games for ya! First up is the shockingly awesome, fun, deep and engaging first person captain simulation, Icarus Starship Command Simulator, which again, is awesome. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the awwwwwful, terrible, no good very bad StarSmashers. So awful I yelled at it. Seriously. I forgot to upload StarSmashers today so those will be up tomorrow.

This week on the podcast (Tuesday, 6:00 AM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Smashcast), we have an early show because our guests – the developers of the Freelanceresque MMO Sirius Online – are overseas! Wheeee!

On Thursday’s LAN Party (Thursday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Smashcast), we’ll be returning to the just-updated shooter thing, Angels Fall First!

Thanks y’all, have a great week!


I’ve updated my RimWorld newb guide