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Fam, join me as I try out the mecha-building turn-based roguelike, Mech Armada!

Friends, join me as I start a monthly sojourn into what is, I think, the only modern bomber simulation game ever made, 1991s Megafortress.

Fam, join me as we celebrate the amazing ARPG, Drox Operative 2, finally leaving early access.

Let’s break the hegemony of @BrianRubin over this thread and post a recent Let’s Play of Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients - “The best strategy game you haven’t played”! :-)

Exerpt: “Hegemony is different. […] It’s not as deep as Paradox games, not as pretty as Total War but it has something neither of those games have. What it does, it does well.”


Speaking of which, Brian must be taking the week off or something. When is this from? I’m guessing early aughts? Looks about the level of graphics of the first BfME game.

It’s been released 2015 and graphics are not at the cutting edge (agreed) but at least decent and functional. As it’s made by an indie dev studio for a niche market (historically accurate grand strategy wargame), I personally would refrain from benchmarking it to AAA titles, but rather compare to the likes of Imperiums Greek Wars or the various Slitherine/Ageod games. Fortunately, strategy games may score with mechanics rather than graphics :-)

Friends, join me in my virtual titanium bathtub as we travel back to 1989 in the classic Dynamix flight sim, A-10 Tank Killer!

Nice! I have subbed up. At work at the moment, so not able to watch, but I like what you’re doing. Bravo!

I can help too, with the breaking hegemony thing…

Here’s the first episode in a playthrough of a U-Boat campaign with GMT Games’ The Hunters (WW2 board game). We blow stuff up, sound effects included!

Doing a watch party tonight for Willow while we fish in New World.

Friends, join me today as I try out the political cold war simulator, Terminal Conflict!

Streaming Battlefield 1 for the Fifth Anniversary of its release. PS5 running the PS4 release.

Man that is super confusing.

BF1? Was that you watching in the first hour? I had muted myself and didn’t even know. 😂🙄😬

Basically, you fight for the ground ahead of you or you defend it! As a Medic, I also was healing, reviving, killing, and capturing.

Once I got my mic sorted, my buddy showed up and we worked together the rest of the night. Good times. Replay will be there.

I was watching for a while, made a couple of comments. I’m FreshQu33blets on Twitch, which is also my Xbox GamerTag.

Friends, today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, we’re gonna grind more in the dungeon!

Ah! Good to know! Thanks! Yeah, I replied to you but you couldn’t hear me. 😖

That first battle was the Italians vs. the Austro-Hungarians. Italy kicked them out historically and WWI was the end of Austro-Hungarian power.

BF1 portrays it through the battle for the two fortresses. One in the Alps and then the second by the sea. Both have a lot of awesome sight lines and spectacle.

Friends, today in Far Cry 6 we’ll try and work our way off the tutorial island and onto bigger and better things!

Friends, this week in Star Fleet II, we’ve got some fun new stuff to play with that should greatly help me with my mission.

Friends, today in Far Cry 6 we’ll finally begin to cause chaos on the mainland of Yara itself.

Friends, join me today as I try the latest in the much-beloved strategy series, Disciples: Liberation!