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Tomorrow at 8pm Eastern @Jason_McMaster gonna livestream some people playing G100|/|h4/3||

Playing what?

Omg it does not do backslashes!

Let’s try that again



Ah… Ok then. :)

Tom wouldn’t play, though. You know what he said? He said, “That’s a solitaire game. You can’t multiplayer that!” That’s what he said.

Friends, join me as I journey across space and time in Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality!

Pls join us (if you want) at

for some four-player Gloomhaven (see above for proper spelling)
tonight at 5 Pacific / 6 Mountain / 7 Central / 8 Eastern / 9 Atlantic / 9:30 Newfoundland

Friends, today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, we’re gonna grind even more in the dungeon!

Good times with BF1 tonight. I was muted for the first hour because I’m a clown, but ultimately I realized it and my pal Nate got on and we had some great rounds of Operations. (And it turns out none of the chat came through… because we were in a private PlayStation chat as the game mandates for a squad. It’s all pure gameplay)

Lots of Medic gameplay to start. A little time inside a tank and later high above everyone in a Zeppelin. Some Assault later, and then lots of sniping on the open desert around the Suez and later in Egypt. I was missing a bunch of shots toward the end of the night as I got tired, but it’s still so satisfying to land those long ones.

Replay is here if interested…

Friends, no Star Fleet II today, so I feel like more murder in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. A lot more.

Friends, join me as I try the chemistry-based terraforming game, Heliopedia!

Friends, join me today as I play the three-armed bounty hunting platformer, They Always Run!

Friends, today on the show, we’ll talk to the developer of the upcoming spacey racing game, Fly Dangerous!

Fam, join me as I try the 2D firefighting platforming game, Nuclear Blaze!

I think one of the RebelFM guys talked about this one recently, if I’m not mistaken.

It’s really great!

Streaming Call of Duty Vanguard for a little bit. Campaign.

Friends, today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen.

Friends, today in Far Cry 6 we’ll likely try to recover a wayward son.