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Part 3!


So I’ve played some Rimworld…and was hopelessly confused…so I watched some of your vids…and was even more confused…might you have or know of a good tutorial I can read/watch?


Wellll, I made one recently but I’m not sure if it’s good or not.

I’ve also made pretty extensive use of the wiki

It’s one of those games that I learned through a lot of trial and error, but it’s reminiscent of Dwarf Fortress so I had a bit of a head start.


Got it, thanks!


Just as a note for anyone - if you see ways I can improve my videos, specifically my newbie guide ones (like listed above) please let me know! I like sharing games with people, and I like to do that via videos. I want them to get better.


Um… don’t chew ice? :)

j/k No input here except keep doing what you do. Great stuff.


Part 4

That ice will haunt me forever haha


Part 5!

As a note, this has been one of the craziest games of RimWorld I’ve ever recorded.


Goign to be streaming some Breakaway tonight. It’s the first game made by Amazon in partnership with Twitch so has a fair amount of integration with Twitch. is the site. It’s interesting that while playing you can see how many people are watching (it adds up all the people watching each player, also shows who is streaming) Also your in-game names are your twitch names. The game itself is a combo of moba and rocket league. Big plus is that it’s super easy to follow what’s goign on, even to a neophyte.

Basics are there are three ways to win a round, and first to win 3 rounds wins. Rounds are 4 minutes each. First way is to get the relic in the opponents goal (relic is just a ball really). Second way is to have everyone on the other team dead at the same time. Each time you kill someone they take x seconds to respawn then their respawn timer increases on their next death. Eventually you can use attrition to get them dead. The third and final way to win is to have the ball on the opponent’s half when the timer hits zero. So basically as the round timer winds down, you get into a vicious back and forth of just trying to keep the ball over the line on the middle. It’s quite tense and kinda exhilerating.

The other thing that is novel about the game is that each character has a buildable they can place one of each round. These stay around until destroyed, so in a long game that ends 3-2 you could potentially have 5 of those per player out, though that’s pretty unrealistic since people will destroy them.

At any rate, I’ll be streaming even though my framerate is a bit bad and my skill at the game even worse ;) It’s a true alpha though so bugs are likely to abound.


Hey friends, in about 20 minutes I’m gonna start streaming the amazing multiplayer mod for Freelancer, Discovery Freelancer, for a little while this morning to check out an event they have going on in game, as well as to go general Freelancery things. Please join me either in-game (it’s free) or on the stream, and thanks!

Learn About the Game Here:

Join the chat room here:

Watch live here:



It’s pretty simple, but it’s actually the first piece of gaming-related material I’ve written in close to 25 years, and it may be useful: a newbie’s guide to LOGIstiCAL:


You go girl.


Part 6!


Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of spacey gaming! This week’s game of the week is an oldie but a goodie. It got a massive community patch at the end of 2015, and for that reason I’m revisiting Galactic Civlizations II to see how it holds up (spoiler: pretty well, I think!). I also spent some time with the upcoming shooter ARPG thing, Nova Drift (which is fantastic) and the tower defense/combat sim combo Impulse: Space Combat (which still needs work).

This week on the podcast (Tuesday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we welcome the folks behind the feline-themed space shooter, Spacecats with Lasers!

On the LAN Party this week (Thursday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we’ll be trying the space marine massacre simulator, Ultimate Space Commando!

Thanks y’all!


The pain continues!


Part 8! (live at 1 Eastern)


And so it ends :(

new community tomorrow!


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And so it ends :([/quote]




Maybe I meant the two for one sale at Sizzlers


New Permadeath game - BEANS!