Streaming service app redesigns recently

…have there been ANY that haven’t lost features in favour of dumbing things down to instead feature shows that need their KPIs improved?

Sonos, YouTube, Prime Video and now Netflix.

I always thought that all the streaming apps leave a lot to be desired. Fast Forward has been awkward on many apps; Amazon being the worst in my opinion.

So I am not sure what you mean has been removed/dumbing down?

There have been highly touted major revamps/revisions.

I work with a lot of developers and they often sit in a bubble and do their own QC. But those of us who have to teach/demonstrate the applications always have to ask them - what were you thinking? Why did you remove this feature - clients love this - put it back.

Our most hated feature is auto-play, which we try to disable on any of the apps but seems to creep back after every update.

I can’t stand it.