Streaming service exclusives worth a watch!

I just found Hulu exclusive Boss Level

My favorite movie this summer including the Godzilla verse King Kong and Wonder Woman sequel. Its action packed, sweet adorable, and full of decipitation and blood, an awesome mix

I thought I would start a thread for streaming exclusives people might miss and thoughts if they are worth a watch. I almost missed this one, and found it by accident when browsing Hulu. Any other gems out there that are top notch?

I didnt see a similar targeted topic, which I was surprised by

We have individual movie threads and threads for most streaming services already. Pretty sure there’s one for Boss Level already. Did you use the search function?

Yeah, this is a rough one. There was a discussion in the TV forum, but clearly that’s the wrong place for it.

I’m personally not a fan of these roll-up threads though. It makes a discussion tough when people are watching stuff at different times.

Yeah, the movie was discussed in 3 threads. The one you just linked, as well as the Random Movie Discussion thread, as well as the Top Time Travel Movies discussion thread. And now this thread. Ideally, it would have its own thread, so that whenever people discover Boss Level on their own time a year or 5 down the road from now, there’s one thread with people’s thoughts on the movie that they can add to with their own impressions. Instead of this spread across various threads.

I did a search, and got what you got for he tv service, I didnt find what rock8man did, but i still like to have a dedicated thread for this. With so many direct to service movies, coming i thought I would highlight that line of thought

There is a dedicated movies thread for Netflix.

And for Amazon

Possibly not for Hulu.

Though admittedly these didn’t start out as “exclusive” threads, that’s where they’ve ended up.

Hah, I’d completely forgotten I started the Amazon Prime video thread. Especially since I don’t have access to it and never have - turned out, my getting Prime for free through my mom does not include the video portion.

I also enjoyed Infinite

Not as much as loved as Boss Level, but worth a watch

Really looking forward to

comes out end of next week!

I would LOVE to see Tom do a review of Netflixs post apoc scifi exclusive Awake

This is a movie thats premise allows for bad writing or sloppy plot devices. I didnt hate it, but everytime characters did something stupid or counter to their survival, I was like oh the premise give this a free pass, like the kidnapping of the little girl by a convict. There were cheap plot devices, but again it kinda gets a pass allows no explanation for things because, everyone is sleep deprived. The pseudo good guy convict serving as a plot device so that protagonist doesnt have to make the choice about the hub was a obvious way for her having to escape the consequences of the choice, and i thought the convict would play a part in the story, but essentially nope after that he pretty much disappeared

I had to giggle a few times, the writers didnt have to try at all with this one, and it kinda worked.

another fun gem exclusive on hulu, very much worth a watch even for a zombie flick (no one mentioned it elsewhere as far as I can see)

I’m of the opinion movie and tv forums should be merged

The lines certainly are getting blurrier, but personally my preference would be to move away from omnibus threads like this and ask that people create individual threads to talk about individual movies/shows. Burying the conversation in a catch-all thread makes it really hard to catch up if you end up watching well after the premier of the show.

Yeah, a single category for all media other than games would simplify things, and would be around the same size as the other categories.

I found a few other gems but if people despise the threads approach Ill abandon it, ask Tom to close it.

would renaming the thread to

Non Theatrical Film Releases that don’t need their own thread cover the gap for the subject matter and thus have a collective thread for its popular counterpart here?

I think as far as Tom’s concerned he’d prefer each film got its own thread. Personally I like the omnibus threads, as I can scroll through them for recommendations, but since we already have some for the other services, maybe just make this a Hulu thread?

Oh look at apple+ with its movie exclusive, looks awesome!!!

The cleansing hour is a good horror flix on Shudder. It kept the tension up throughout the movie and the reveal wasn’t obvious at the end. I like it, one of the better horror flix, especially for non prime time