Street Fighter 5 - Hundred hand slap


Thanks for the advice. I tend to forget about V-reversal. Would v-reversal have gotten me out of that jam when he started to press?

Any suggestions as to practicing V-reversal, of should I just try to keep if in mind?

I have been trying to use more lights, but sometimes (often) I forget to. I think part of that has to do with pretty limited match up knowledge on my part. I am still kinda guessing a bit as to what I can respond to with what.

Also at the 24 sec mark I tried to EXDP but it didn’t come out. This happens to me a lot. I do practice DPs so I’m wondering if it’s maybe a timing thing, or if it’s more likely just my execution is still not there?

(There’s a lot to remember in SF)


V-reversals aren’t effective vs jabs , and if someone predicts a V-reversal, especially grapples, they can grab you, but they can get you out of a lot of situations, and if it connects, you get some grey life damage so you can press.

V-reversal is just doing it in blockstun, nothing to practice, just remember to do it. V-reversals are less effective in high level play when folks prepare for them, but I think they’re necessary vs some chars (Laura especially- I hate fighting Laura so much)

With Birdie, if I know someone’s going to V-reversal a jump-in, I like to do jump light and then jab command grab. They lose V-meter, and I get the grab. Risky though.

If you failed to EXDP, that’s an execution error. DP inputs are the same as SF4 I believe.


Oh, for some reason I though V-reversals needed timing, but I just need that colander I call a brain to remember it’s an option. Good to know that aren’t effective against jabs though.

I’ll keep practicing. I feel like I loose a lot of ground to dropped combos and missed moves. Still, I do like popping on a podcast and spending time in training mode. It’s a bit like practice laps in Gran Turismo or time at the driving range. I like that sort of stuff.

I agree on Laura. No fun to play against. I’m not sure if it’s just my inexperience, but some of these characters just seem like it’s always their turn. I probably just need to learn the match ups better so I know where the openings are.

Thanks for the info!


Fun close match here, I was pretty pumped to win 2/3 against this Akuma. :)


I still can’t get over how tight the combo timing is. I feel like I need so much practice to do basic things! I went through the Skullgirls tutorial again and I was landing the most complicated combos in less than a minute.

My most reliable ones with Ken are the MK, HK, H.tatsu (thanks again for the tip) and the similar LP, b-MP, HP, H.tatsu. I guess I still need practice doing basic fireballs with a stick!


SF5 links have a 3frame buffer window, SFIV combos were massively harder. I can hit links semi-reliably in this game.

The essential Skullgirls combos are pretty damn hard due to the airdashing required.

With Ken, you’re not comboing fireballs for the most part outside of EX fireball (because EX fireball is safe on block but sometimes they aren’t blocking)

The combos I have a tough time doing in SF5 are the single light into special (this hurts me a good bit), and V-trigger combos while holding a button (at least there in most cases something else works)


Yeah I did a c-LK into light tatsu on one of my first tries and thought, “hey this is cool!” Then I couldn’t do it again for a few minutes.

I’m just fascinated by the timing. It puts beat 'em ups to shame.


@merryprankster you’re jumping in A LOT. It’s one of the worst habits you can develop in a fighting game. This opponent wasn’t punishing you for it, but a better player would see what you’re doing and sit back and completely shut you down with anti-airs. I had this problem too when I was starting to learn how to play Street Fighter. I recommend focusing on developing your ground game by challenging yourself to not jump AT ALL for the entire match. It takes some discipline, but it was one of the things that was easy to work on and significantly improved my play.


Yeah, my ground game is definitely something I try to focus on. I still jump too much, but in the instance of that Akuma match it was on purpose since I’d figured out he wouldn’t punish me except on v-trigger.

In general though, jumping less is something I am actively trying to improve.

I do find I jump a lot against Akuma because anti air is difficult for me with the air fireball. Do you have any specific ideas for dealing with air fireball?


Awesome. Yeah, since he wasn’t punishing you at all there was not really any good reason to stop jumping.

I haven’t played SFV in a while, so I’m afraid I can’t help much with specific strategies against Akuma’s air fireball in this game. The go-to advice anytime you’re having trouble with something is to go into training mode, set the computer opponent to do the thing that you don’t know how to stop, and then see if you can find a consistent way to beat it. From playing a lot of SFIV, my suggestion is to try running under the fireballs. If you can do that, you might be able to hit him when he lands, throw him, or at least stop him from spamming air fireballs. If you have the lead, maybe sit back and throw fireballs out of his air fireball range.


Seriously, until you hit platinum, you can win most of the time by just waiting for the opponent to jump in and punishing.

what I do versus Akuma is I try to keep him out, throw pokes to try and tag him, but keep the jab button held so I can bullhorn when he jumps, as bullhorn as projectile invincible and the move goes up.

That said, it’s a pretty char specific strategy, and if I get knocked down once, I can lose the round due to Akuma’s vortex game. On top of that, Birdie’s ground attacks while good, are slow enough that they can be jumped over, Akuma just has to guess right once and the matchup goes from really good to really, really bad.

Against good players (better than I am- I’m a fraud), they won’t jump much because they know you can beat the air fireball, they’ll make you come to them and then jump when you attack, then play the vortex game. You have to beat that by guessing right with some chain attacks, or if they run away to full screen, you can drop a can and use that to try and get in, though you have to get around their fireball in the process.

Unsure if any of this helps, but this is the thought process I have vs Akuma with my character.


I haven’t played in forever but learning to jump straight up instead of jumping in is often an excellent tactic as it throws off the other player. This works in almost every 2D fighter.


Yeah, I should probably set up an Akuma practice dummy with air fireball and work something out. It’s a tough thing to deal with.

I agree that, at least in Bronze, the “wait for your opponent to do dumb shit” strategy seems very effective. I’ve been practicing my combos and I’m getting better and better at punishing said dumb shit. I’ve even started to get the first bits of reactive anti air DP going. :)

Air fireball is a tough one though, at least for me.


you can also jump forward and do nothing, if they’re trying to hit your limb it will whiff and you can whiff punish. This is much more effective with larger limbed characters.


I’m having so much fun with this. The best part is it has the same playing pace for me personally as a single-player beat 'em up: I’ll play with intensity for about 30 minutes, and then that feels like enough. That’s perfect for my time needs right now. Much better than playing PUBG where the hours melt away and I don’t always feel like I’ve accomplished anything.


Yeah, Destiny devours time but I find about an hour of SF5 is pretty satisfying.


How’s the wait time between matches these days? I stopped playing this early on because I was waiting a long time between my matches, but I know they were supposed to have made improvements. This thread is making me want to pick it up again, assuming these things are better now.


Very quick for casual matches at rookie matchmaking level, roughly a minute. I don’t know. The time melts away in practice mode. Sometimes I’m annoyed that I get a match, heh.

Just started ranked last night so I don’t know about that one.


It’s a little slower at the ultra plat/diamond trench, but quick enough on PC- you can always browse while playing.

The big issue is really the long loads once you get into a match- much of that is due to how bad the PS4 is, PC vs PC is a lot faster.


My first ever perfect in online Street Fighter. Couldn’t resist posting it. :)