Street Fighter 5 - Hundred hand slap


Not sure, SF5 is all individuals. It’s an invitational, which is different from most fighting game tournaments.


There are occasionally team tournaments as super casual side events, but the main tournaments are all individual.

The closest thing to the FGC is the World Series of Poker.


Arcade Edition (free update) on January 16th. Sounds like a perfect time to get back into the game. See you all then!


Yeah, that’s a nice update they’ve got there. Looking forward to it.


Glad I waited.


See you then! Taking some time off from fighting games myself owing to an old thumb injury that has flared up again.


If you don’t have the characters- I’d suggest buying the upgrade for the characters.


New AE trailer at the final this weekend. Looks sweet!


I’m still on target to get back into this mid-January. Hurray!


Sweet! Hopefully my thumb is healed up by then and we can get some more rounds in. :)


I was sad to see they plan to nerf Ken’s throws in season 3. That’s like the only thing I’m decent at in this game.


Did they release Season 3 changes yet?


Just a heads up, for those who are still playing, try to clear as much single player content as you can by Jan.16th. They’re going to be changing FM rewards and much of that content will no longer give you rewards. They are replacing it with other rewards.

Also the Season 3 characters are known now:
Sakura, Blanka, Cody, Falce (staff shadowloo chick), G (Abraham Lincoln looking dude), and Sagat.

Still playing this: actually managed to get a 2-0 on a Master rank player a couple days ago, first time I’ve done that.


Congrats on the win!

Thanks for the heads up on the SP stuff, I think I’ve done it all, but I check.

Definitely looking forward to Season 3, I really want to play Sakura.


local friend who used to live here. This is the SF5 online experience and why folks stick with the frustration.


Color-coded frame advantage helper in the new edition. Now maybe I’ll actually pay attention to this stuff.


It’s something you really need to do to get decent. Knowing what you can punish with what, and how risky your own stuff can be is the 2nd most important skill in fighting games.

Did get to play AE early this weekend due to where I was at. Overall I think they got a lot of things right.
Also Sakura will be free for a short time period, she looks pretty good both animation-wise and gameplay-wise, though not my style of character at all.


I still need a little more time with basic execution before I come up for air and decide what to practice. I still can’t do a critical art against a stunned enemy in a game when my mind isn’t working quite right.


I decided I can’t learn anything from casual matches against rookies anymore. Time for ranked! I’m curious to see what the matchmaking is like when AE comes out tomorrow (or the next day, depending on when the servers go back up).

The quest for bronze begins. Haha! I’m already halfway there I think…


I’m sure you’ll be Bronze in no time, I’m Bronze and you definitely make me earn it for sure.