Street Fighter 5 - Hundred hand slap




I made it to Ultra Bronze, with two fights against grapplers. Now I need to learn how to play this game!

My New Year’s videogame resolution was to make it to Silver. I want to do all the practice I have planned before I get there, since once I reach that rank I might be tempted to quit for a few months.


After 30 hours I fought my first flowchart player. It was a Flowchart Ed. EX Psycho Upper at every 50/50 literally the moment he had one bar of meter. So funny.


The default costume looks ugly as hell. Also maybe a character that works best in 2D.


All the art and character design has been crap in 5 to me. Making Injustice look reasonable.


They look okay in motion. I’m fine with it. I think the problem is Blanka looks so bad in motion with the awkward hair.


Yeah, anime-tentacle hair has just never looked good in 3D.


I’m surprised about the reaction here. I think Blanka looks really nice. The game really needs more charge characters.

Alsp, just reached Gold, how far is Platinum?


Yeah. I’m not looking forward to playing against Blanka but he does look cool in the trailer.


One reason I’ve been playing Urien is I really like that he’s a mix of charge and fireball motions. It’s kinda like playing a Shoto, kinda not. It’s fun!


Urien shotos better than the shotos.

Funny to see the comments about grapplers, unless you’re as overtuned as Abigail grapplers have it hard this year. I see nothing but zoners and keepout mostly, so frustrating. I had to take a break due to a week of straight losses. Definitely looking at Blanka cause I’m in a bit of char crisis right now.

Seriously considering going to EVO this year since this is one of my last chances ever. Also some FGs I’m interested in seeing before they’re released, and I want to play Cross Tag Battle as well. I don’t know if I’m good enough to be legitimate at EVO- the last time I hit a major the streamer literally called me out for choking on stream (and I disappointed folks here too)

@Hereafter Plat starts at 7500. Gold is gimmicker hell, but good fundamentals can get you to Plat.


Now we have to see that clip!!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I hear Rashid is good these days. Hehe.

On a whim I spent the night in practice mode and probably had more fun than I’ve had in weeks. It’s amazing how fast you can improve when you’re not interrupted with a match every 30 seconds. Duh!


Why not compete in one of the online competitions to see how you do? They were advertising that on PSN. I thought about trying it just because.


My problem is that I still don’t know how most characters work. I thought I hit a major lag spike until later I realized that Chun Li’s VT1 gaves her double hit normals.

I took the time to learn Rashid and now I can play against him. My next person is ED since I lost to him almost every time.

I was going to hit you up for some games @TimJames last night when I saw you were in training. But I figued you were doing some secret super Saiyan stuff.

One thing about this game I really starting not to like it the rush rush rush feeling of it. The 50/50 on wakeup sure doesn’t feel fun too. I heard Capcom nerfed command grabs too I cannot imagine how powerful they were previously. Right now I think they’re still too good.

@Alstein what’s your main. I recall it was Alex?



Birdie, not Alex. BTW command grabs are really not good now, a missed grab is as bad as missing a DP now. The 50/50 stuff really got toned down as well, which really hurts Birdie as he lost most of what he had (and he had less than most, Birdie’s fraudulent on defense but honest on offense)


Yeah but it’s much easier to punish a DP: hold back to block, then stand still and wait!


For awhile there, I felt like I was getting better at the game. I’d win about 40% of the time, which seemed pretty good in ranked, for me anyway. Last Thursday night that all came crashing down. My rank plummeted. I can win roughly 25% of the time now, and I feel like I can’t even execute moves right anymore. It sucks. That was playing as Urien up to last night.

I finally figured maybe it’s just the character and that I hit a wall and suck at playing him. I started poking around with other dudes that I had used a little with @Mike_Cathcart and @Jason_McMaster including Balrog, Ryu and a handful of others. Finally I arrived at Ed.

Ed’s special moves are just pushing buttons. WTF?! No joystick motions except for pushing forward and the Critical Art’s double QCF. How can this be?! Is this Street Fighter V: EZ Mode?

Apparently it is. I won some matches. I was able to execute well. I even put together a 15 Hit combo into CA victory that looked like I could actually play the game and knew what I was doing! I guess I’ll have to play more Ed now? Weird.


I feel like I have to get worse before I get better. I’m trying to switch between two bread and butter combos depending on spacing but it’s messed up my execution on the original one. I still can’t even hit confirm reliably after the initial 2-hit combo. Heh.

Long way to go.


Blanka comes out tonight. Maybe I’ll try to farm the newbies in ranked!


And that skin. That horrible skin.