Street Fighter 5 - Hundred hand slap


I feel like I have to get worse before I get better. I’m trying to switch between two bread and butter combos depending on spacing but it’s messed up my execution on the original one. I still can’t even hit confirm reliably after the initial 2-hit combo. Heh.

Long way to go.


Blanka comes out tonight. Maybe I’ll try to farm the newbies in ranked!


And that skin. That horrible skin.


I beat his story mode last night so I can spend 40k Fight Money on his third outfit in the hoodie. No more Young Bison Wannabe for me. :)

I love his theme…


There’s a whole lotta Blanka out there.


Ed’s hard thing is the flicker. For some reason buttonmash moves in SF5 are pretty hard to do right while everything else is easy.

Blanka, as I kinda expected, is a lot riskier than his SF4 incarnation. Has Birdie’s command grab though.

Signed up for CEO just now too. Was seriously thinking EVO- but cost to hit CEO is half that of EVO, similar level of comp, and it’s a better run event than EVO.

I’m concentrating more on Tekken 7 and Blazblue Cross Tag if it gets in (secret shame: I actually like the RWBY characters even if the writing is questionable) because I don’t like SF5 S3 much, so don’t expect too much from me in SF5.


@Alstein I think I’m just a little bitter over losing to Laura and her grab so many times.

I’m not treating this game like SFV. I’m playing playing this game like 3S and ST.

Thing I need to work on:

  1. Change my block strings. I’m still using Guile’s block string from ST :-/
  2. Learn to knockdown more. Currently still using Sonic Boom as a ende. I should be using FK.
  3. Throw out more booms
  4. Learn to use the upsidedown kick better.
  5. Learn to combo to CA from FK.

Blanka’s normal seems really slow. His crouching strong is a very good anti air. His MU vs Guile doesn’t seem
as bad as people say. You can’t really slide on reaction versus a boom when you’re close. This is all from my testing though so take it as you will. Also, VT2’s timing seems extremely strict.


I just got my first rage quit disconnect in ranked. I’m writing this day down in my diary.


I had my son cracking up while we were playing last night because I took Zangief and his V-Trigger 2 which is hilariously voice acted by the announcer. :D


I really do love that this game is quirky that way, and embraces the silliness of Street Fighter’s universe. Good times!


Made it to Silver after beating an Urien where I had no idea what to do against him. After the first game, I nope’d out of there as fast as I could. Haha!

I still have no idea how to play this game and my execution is even worse than before, but I want to take a break to focus on other games for a while.

Maybe when Capcom Pro Tour starts up again I will get back into it.


I’m starting to feel better about the way I play. The bottom line for me is I need to invest time in learning the stuff people already know so I can be better prepared, both to execute my own things and to know what to expect from them. Execution still isn’t superb, and combos aren’t long, but I did beat some people in ranked last night that were a ways above me. That felt good.

SFV:AE is quickly becoming my favorite game in the series tbh. The animation is so much fun to watch. I love the facial expressions on all the characters. There’s so much personality. I mean, I remember when SEGA was pioneering this stuff in 3D with Virtua Fighter Kids many years ago now. We’ve come a long way.


SF5 hard knockdowns and knockdowns that give guaranteed oki (followup attacks that will beat non-invincible attacks) are huge in this game.

Upside-down kick is best used in those oki situations, you mix between upside-down kick and throw, and if the kick hits, you start a combo. It’s too good IMO (I think Guile is a top-3 char in SF5 still)

Overall I’m really not feeling S3 right now- why I’m starting to look at other games. A lot of folks are doing this locally as well. DBFZ is taking a lot of folks, but I also live in an area that has never liked Street Fighter after 3rd strike.


I’ve played DBFZ a bit and I am REALLY struggling with GOKU VS. GOKU VS. GOKU VS. GOKU VS. GOKU… Ugh. I’m glad I got it for free with my PS4 Pro. I would’ve been disappointed.

What I really want is a Fatal Fury or Art of Fighting game with the production values of Street Fighter V. I don’t want another KoF… I want a more tightly focused one on one fighter from SNK that takes animation to the level of their 2D games in the same way Capcom and ArcSys are doing in their games. Pipe dream, I know.


I’d love to see a remake of Real Bout or Wild Ambition done by Lab Zero.


Garou: MotW or GTFO.


I can’t stand DBZ mainly because the artstyle is so off putting. Everything looks the same and the female are so weird looking.

Not to mention what @DaveLong said regarding Goku and Vegeta 100x.

In other news I just reached Ultra Gold. I noticed I play really bad when my kids are around. A few times my 2 year old switched my display inputs which crashes SFV for me, turned off my controller mid combo, or asked me to drink invisible water during a jump in. So lesson learned. :).


You are definitely entering the realm of tournament entry. Find a local one and give it a shot!


I used to do tournaments in 3S and CvS2 days. But 2 kids and my old reflexes aren’t cutting it.

I find this game too swingy at times. SFV compared to SF3S feels like Hearthstone compared to Magic if that makes any sense.


I prob have the oldest reflexes in here, so that’s no excuse.

That said, I’ve kinda dropped the game for Tekken lately. Just not feeling S3’s major balance issues. Also looking really forward to Cross Tag Battle for some reason- might even pick up a PS4 for it.


@Alstein I think it’s a good idea to take a break from any competitive game in order to not to find burn out.
That said, this is the only SF that puts me on tilt. So I might take a small break from it in order to enjoy more.

I could never get into Tekken despite my best attempts since 1. Too many moves.