Street Fighter 5 - Hundred hand slap

In other news, I’m thinking about a new arcade stick. My Hori Soul Calibur IV stick is okay:

But I kind of need a birthday present idea, and I’m willing to spend a little extra on the right peripherals to make my gaming time more enjoyable.

Things I don’t like about the Hori:

  • The buttons are a little mushy and there are only 6 of them. (I’m not actually sure what people bind the other 2 buttons to, heh.)
  • Too narrow so my wrist falls off it a bit
  • The stick is a little short. If I put two fingers underneath it feels kind of cramped. I haven’t tried a single finger (Daigo style) long enough to see if I prefer that. I’m not sure if they make taller sticks though.

Any recommendations in the $200 range? Qanba? I assume I won’t get a chance to try it first, so returns via Amazon or moddability is important.

I’ve got a Hori RAP4 and I’m happy with that. Definitely addresses the width problem and can be modded. However, if I was buying now the Qanba Obsidian would be pretty tempting.

It varies from game to game, but I’ll often use the extra two buttons to map things like throws, assists, or all three punch/kick buttons. I also prefer to use four buttons in a row for games like BlazBlue and Melty Blood.

Hmm. A lot of these sticks seem like they are really cramped between the stick and buttons. That seems weird, but I just pretended they were that close on my current stick and it didn’t seem too bad. I take it you’re supposed to approach the stick and buttons from an angle, like one of those ergonomic split keyboards?

idk I just put my hand on the buttons. You could try remapping every button one to the right to give a little more space (so using the rightmost six buttons).

Is it weird that I’m kind of happy the community is excited about G? For some reason I was worried he would be overshadowed, even though we’re talking about a videogame character here and not a real person. And I’m not even interested in him!

I guess I’m that much of a softie for underdogs.

Sagat’s juggles look amazing though.

This game is so hard! I’m the same rank I was 50 hours ago. I’ve added so many skills and techniques but it’s like they push out all the things I was successful with to begin with. it’s two steps forward, two steps back.

Anyway, just had to rant for a bit.

I’ve been on a break from it, but I’m coming back soon. Street Fighter is like a fall, winter game for me for some reason? I do adore it and playing online is just so much fun. I’m looking forward to messing around with G finally since I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fight lately and he keeps head butting my Haggar in there!

Agreed. Though I am getting better bit by bit. James Chen gave me a very lengthy explination of how frame data works and what it means for playing. It’s defintiely helped me out. If nothing else I get way less frustrated when I loose since I get more why I lost now.

Still it does open a whole new can of worms of things to learn and I have been a bit less into “math fighter”.

There’s a nice visual reference here of all the attacks that are most punishable. (Click on the timestamps in the right column.)

It’s kind of pointless right now since I could memorize one set and not see that character for a week. Plus people rarely spam moves that are THAT unsafe.

Given SF5’s next update is going to fix input lag, punishing is going to be easier.

Stupid looking character design, awesome music.

Ken got nerfed a bit but I’m still good. I’ll probably try for gold rank over the summer. So much to play in the next 3-4 months.

Patch is awful to me. Really de-emphasizes the fun parts of the game. I’ve switched full on to Soul Calibur 6, which is SF5 with actual depth.

Messed around with Kage in training mode and he was pretty cool. I fear my steam has kinda run out for playing SF5 much though. It’s just too much practice and I don’t really have the time. I think I just inherently suck too much at these games so it takes me way too much practice. I spent like a year practicing an hour or two every day and I couldn’t even get out of Bronze.

I’ll probably check out SC6 once it gets a hefty price drop. I don’t want to buy another fighting game I don’t really play much (Injustice 2, DBFZ, FEXL, Guilty Gear). I think Fighting games are neat, but I don’t really play them enough to justify buying them at full price.

I fired it up to try some of the new S4 optimal combos and almost got hooked on the game again after a nice perfect KO. Then I hit some lag and remembered the grind. I don’t have time for this nonsense until summer!

Finally landed this in a match. Felt good. :)

Nice, ready for Evo.

I have my stick out ready to get back into this, but I’ve been getting back into some other hobbies instead of games. Going to let that ride while I’m interested.

Lol…yep EVO here I come…

I’m kinda in the same boat on the other hobbies thing. Gaming is largely benched for me these days. I still try to play some Street Fighter once or twice a week though. I fear it’s too big a time commitment for me to ever really get good though. Ah well.

I’m considering switching over to Samurai Shodown since that looks like it’s more about neutral and less about vortexes and learning frame/recovery data.

I got my first SF game recently. I don’t like how moves are timed to a series of s.t.u.t.t.e.r.s. compared to the much smoother Tekken.