Street Fighter 6: Live services

Oh no “this journey doesn’t have a real ending” = Live services game crap

Ryu seems to be wearing Zangief’s body model

Wasn’t 5 pretty much a live service game too?

I’m excited for the return to terrible butt rock theme songs. It’s been too long since Indestructible.

I can’t wait to light a random businessman on fire after he buys a paper at the newsstand…?

Sorry I forgot to mention the even more hated OPEN WORLD crap

Open World might be like VF4 Evolution’s mode, which is the best single-player mode in fighting game history for learning a game, with elements of SFA3’s World Tour.

That’s the Skippy the Squirrel optimist in me. My inner Slappy says it will be pure crap and perhaps even forced on competitive players who will absolutely hate it.

That said, SF6 does need to deliver on the competitive front, it’s in a position similar to Tekken after 6 or Soul Calibur after 3.

Still can’t play it on an xbox I’m guessing.
Also The 2 new fighters they show look like guys trying too hard to fit in with street fighter characters but have no idea why those characters are cool

I’m guessing SF5 was a Sony exclusive? That might explain why I’ve never seen it being talked about.

Well, tell us about it. I want to re-learn some fundamentals! Because I’m sure I’ll get this, but nothing I’ve seen is really that motivating.

SFA3 World Tour was fights with a bunch of modifiers, kinda like what MK does with its single player.

VF4 Evolution was you ran from arcade to arcade, fighting AIs that tended to emphasize the need for some sort of fundamentals. The final arcade has AI’s that used the tendencies of top players. As a break, occasionally you got wacky battles with wacky rules.

This is a suspected leak of the roster

I hope we get this,even if boring Honda/Blanka are back. Good redesigns.

After your first post, I was thinking it might be helpful to play against an AI that tends to jump a lot, or dash a lot, etc. That way you get to really focus on each aspect, especially since you tend to get a lot of annoying spam at low levels in multiplayer that can be tricky to deal with.

Almost like setting up a dummy to do a few specific things but also fight you like normal.

That is what VF4 EVO’s single player mode was like

Why can’t Ken just be normal?

Based on the picture, I can totally get behind a story mode where a bitter, washed-up Ken is lured back into a fighting tournament for one last shot at glory. I’m not well versed in Street Fighter lore, so I’m not sure how realistic that is, but I’m into it.

One of the top comments has a supposed leak about his story.

I’m all for a good old man redemption story, but I just want to juggle fools.

Oh man, so it’s that plus he’s also divorced and lost custody of his kid (I assume, the only names I know in that post are Ken and Ryu).

100% co-sign. Love the energy.


I don’t quite know why I’m getting hyped for a new game in a series I’ve only ever had a passing interest in, in a genre I barely touch outside of Smash Bros., but first the Ken stuff and now this Guile trailer is looking pretty good to me:

It’s all so fun and colorful.

Might be the first fighter since SFIV I’m actually interested in. Looking pretty good.