Streets of Rogue - How I provoked a zombie invasion in middle of 2d Deus Ex

I loved the first game so while this sounds ambitious, I have hope.

Well, it’s ambitious, but the core of the game is the systemic emergent gameplay, and open world, npc schedules, time of day and vehicles all mixed with the tyhpe of gameplay of the first part should boost up precisely that, the emergent gameplay.

I wouldn’t say the limited number of type of tasks to do was the weakest part, first, because how you did each task would change depending of your class, your current status, what district was, what npcs are around, etc, and second, because clearly the combat was the weakest parrt. I wonder how he plans to change it.
That said, yeah, of course some new types would be nice. He mentions he has planned new ones.

There’s always a similar-looking building with bad guys and traps in it where you’re not allowed to go inside. Not all the missions revolved around these buildings, but most of them did. I love the game (and even the combat), but I got really bored of those damn buildings.

It’s essentially a completely different design once you include all these different elements. Could it work out well? Sure. But statistically, most games don’t come out that good, or even gel together that well. Once you diverge enough from the design of the first game, you start getting into unknown territory, where things could go really bad.

I bought the expansion and now I’m back at it with new characters. Man, what an awesome game this is. Just so enjoyable and so much variety.

I finally got around to buying and playing it a few days ago and now I can’t stop. Coincidently, I was surprised to see the thread get bumped.

Whatever the sequel brings, I’ll definitely prioritize trying it. This is too much fun.

This is one of the games that I like the idea of, but I don’t actually get it.

The last couple of times I’ve played as Hacker and Soldier. They’re probably supposed to be very different characters. And playing as both is fun when I’m using all kinds of tools to get to the objective. But when it comes to good old violence the game feels clunky as hell. It’s probably supposed to be that way for a hacker, but a soldier is very weak and slow too. Makes me think that violence is supposed to be the last resort gamble. But that can’t be right with so many skills and characters being about intricacies of fighting. Weird!

There are many ways to achieve violence. Direct violence is usually bad in my experience, unless you can control it. Indirect violence and the concussions of catastrophies cascading into the city collapse are both hilarious and very rewarding.

Yeah, I should have been clear that I mean using weapons to directly kill people. I understand that when you trigger police or gang war the chaos is inevitable, but I meant that even taking on the guards of slums warehouse is very costly in terms of resources.

In a way it kinda feels like survival horror economy. Deus Ex is obviously an inspiration for this game, but those games never had this effect of you only being alive as long as you have bullets.

I always had the most fun playing as the zombie.

Use the mutator to slow down the game if you plan to use combat heavily.

My problem with this otherwise awesome game is I find aiming anything incredibly frustrating.

Good idea, yes. Those customizeable accessibility options are extremely cool.

I recommend playing with a controller.

I was, and I can’t remember my specific problem, I basically just sucked at aiming with the stick in the heat of the moment and would get killed any time any sort of conflict arose with any character, and it got frustrating enough I think I refunded it. I put the Switch version on my DekuDeals wishlist, I see it’s ten bucks, so maybe I’ll get it there and try to get into it that way.

You can buy the game for the ridicoluous price of 4€ right now.

Also, first Streets of Rogue 2 screens

My kid and I loved the first one…hope this is as good.

Same. Also hoping it comes to Switch, as that was the perfect platform for the game. So easy to have a quick four player couch game.

Unfortunately according to dev post in Steam discussions console release is a maybe at this point.

It will release on EA on August 14th.