StrongBad e-mail DVDs

Not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes.

Has anyone else here bought the StrongBad e-mail DVDs? Supposedly there is hidden commentary in the e-mails, but I’m clueless about how to access hidden stuff while watching a DVD. Can anybody help?

Do you mean besides the ones normally hidden there? (Often there are active links within the text of the email.) Also, waiting ~10 seconds after the end will sometimes reveal extra content.

  • Alan

I’ve got them. Just play the DVD, but switch the audio track.

Alan: Yes, I do mean besides the ones that are normally hidden there, though I don’t know how to get all of those either. Some of the original hidden stuff plays automatically if you run an individual e-mail but some doesn’t. BTW, playing any ultimate this time of year where you are? :)

Charybdis: Sorry, I’m a newb; how do I switch the audio track? (I don’t even know what that means. :cry: )

There’ll be a button in your DVD player or on your remote control marked ‘Audio’ (or alternatively, by right-clicking on the menu - check the Help file if it’s a DVD player on the PC). If there’s a second audio track to listen to, it’ll be displayed.

As a side note, the last few Strong Bad emails have been pretty good. “Virus” should be considered a SB classic. :)

Very yes.

“Wah! That is not a small number!”

Yeah, the “Virus” one was hilarious. There was another thread a few months back in which the poster linked to one of the “Cheat Commandos” cartoons and everyone who replied (and there were many) totally trashed it. I thought the Cheat Commandos stuff was a hilarious parody of G.I. Joe and the like. I was almost afraid to post this topic thinking that many here were anti-Homestarrunner.

“Buy All Our Playsets And Toys!”

How could someone be anti-homestarrunner? If you hate homestar runner you hate life!

I hate life :(

Are you kidding? Cheat Commandos are brilliant.

They’re going to blow up the ocean!


Almost everyone at our LAN parties loves the site, so we’re always quoting it. Our favorite thing is to yell “Children!” whenever anyone gits hit by something (literally and figuratively). But I can accept that homestarrunner is not for everyone.

Anyway, thanks for the help, Charybdis. I did what you said and now I can finally hear what I bought the DVDs for. :) I still don’t know how to activate all the hidden stuff, but I guess I can just watch them on the site for that.

This may be a stupid question about the DVD – is it full-screen video that you can play on a regular DVD player and TV, or just a set of archived Flash files that you can play on your PC?



Err, sorry. I don’t really have anything to contribute, I just had a flagrant system error come over me suddenly.

You can play it on a regular DVD player and TV and it’s full-screen most of the time (the 100th e-mail is an exception). The text looks a bit fuzzy, but I suspect that my 12-year old TV is the main culprit.

Sweet! (the full screen part, not the fuzzy-on-your-TV part.) Thanks!

CC #3 is not just a great parody of G.I. Joe, its a fine parody of supermarkets in the One Hour Photo sense, contains clever writing, and has good miscellaneous detail. I rewatched the first two CCs, and I don’t think they compare.

According to Qt3, “Sibbie” is also a particularly bad SB moment.