Stuart Gordon RIP


Now I want to go back and watch Reanimator

It’s worse than you remember.

It’s better than you remember.

Seriously though, RIP to Stuart Gordon. His movies were so schlocky good.

For real… Re-Animator was a classic. From Beyond and Dagon, though lesser films, were also enjoyable Lovecraft romps as well.

I’ve seen Reanimator and Dagon but not From Beyond. Should I fix that?

I haven’t seen it a while but I remember rather liking From Beyond.

From Beyond is awesome! Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree, what’s not to love?

I loved me some Stuart Gordon movies back in the day, but they’re about as far from Lovecraft as you can possibly get.

By the way, Stuck is really good. If you want to see a Stuart Gorden gem, watch Stuck.


Stuck is great. It’s such a simple premise, but it goes to some crazy places.