Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Ep.1 Available on Torrent

(If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a working torrent link on and eztv.)

I’m going to refrain from any spoiler material. My wife equates me watching this today as “opening Christmas presents on Thanksgiving”, to which I responded: “Hell, yea! That would be awesome!”. It was one of those moments where she just shakes her head, walks away, and I hear the faint rustling of divorce papers.

After watching The West Wing dwindle into a hollow husk of what it once was, and watching and rewatching my DVD set of Sports Night, I can honestly say that the prospect of this series had me both excited and nervous. I was excited because, obviously, Aaron Sorkin appears to be off the 'shrooms and back on TV. I was nervous because I didn’t want what happened on the West Wing to be indicative of any lack of talent or change in style. I wanted everything that happened to that show to have happened singly because Sorkin stopped writing.

I can say now, after having watched the first episode of Studio 60, that it’s rather hard to type on a keyboard covered in so very much semen.

If you’re interested in seeing it legally, Netlix is offering the pilot (along with another NBC show) starting next week.

Preferably without semen.

For the last time… It’s SEA-MAN!

I’m also really looking forward to seeing this show.

Really liked it. Definitely going to get TiVod when it starts airing. My friend who hates Matthew Perry but loves Aaron Sorkin was totally won over.

Do you really think this was illegally leaked?

It’s the perfect way to generate buzz about a new, upcoming show. Sorkin has some smart PR people.

I wouldn’t feel at all guilty about downloading this torrent. I highly suspect this thread is exactly what the producers were hoping for!

I got this from Netflix today.

Oh shitz, Sorkin is back!

It’s awesome, like the first season of West Wing awesome. The cast is just amazing.

If you fuckers don’t watch this show and it gets cancelled, I’m going Jay and Silent Bob on your asses.

Great premise and great cast.

A bit slow both as drama compared to The West Wing and as a comedy compared to Sports Night. I will definately watch the torrent and hope some guy with a Nielsen box watches the broadcast.

How do you get this from netflix? I might have to get a friend to grab it for me…

Hooked me, if the pacing pciks up more and we start having sex scandals this will be my new Guy Soap.

There’s no torrent on this for mininova, and the first hit on google is… this thread. We’re getting to big for our own good, guys. Where else can I look?

Go to and search for it, it’s there.

This is so good it hurts.

Got it from Netflix. (You scallywags.) Definitely intriguing.

Didn’t Sorkin have some drug issues himself a while back? Was that bit self-referential?

You mean him getting busted for cocaine in his flight bag?

I’d say yes.

Jesus Christ that was good.

I mean, wow. When was the last time a pilot was that solid? Lost, I guess. Before that? Firefly? Maybe all the way back to the Wing?

So, I guess this debuts tonight. I dl’d the torrent, but it was some shitty, ugly iPod format so I decided to wait for the debut. The reviews I’ve read (SF Chronicle and NY Times) have been absolutely glowing and as a total Sorkin fanboy since Sports Night, I can’t wait!

So, just…nothing…just really excited!

It was really good. I have never watched a Sorkin show before. Also, the torrent I saw was high quality Xvid, so it’s out there if you look.

Sorkin is a genius.

Damn, that was some fantastic TV. Some of the best I’ve seen since larry sanders. Lost and firefly are good genre picks, but this was on a much higher level.