Studios making some movies free this month that focus on Black Lives

I noticed last night on the Xbox Live dashboard that the new movie “Just Mercy” starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx is free to rent during June.

And it turns out it’s not alone. There’s a whole slew of movies being made free.

Here’s Slate’s recommendations. As a bonus they also have links to the movies/documentaries/series in question:

That includes a few features on the Criterion Channel service that are free.

So let’s watch a few movies that focus on black lives and report back and recommend them to others.

For Canadians:

Wow that is really cool.

I watched Just Mercy this weekend. I feel like we’ve seen various versions of this story already on film. And yet, it’s based on a true story, and the story should be told and absorbed. I enjoy watching movies like this a lot.

In terms of actual nuts and bolts filmmaking, it’s nothing extraordinary. But I appreciated a few of the scenes a lot.

Spoilers: Using the opening scene as a call-back for calming down his friend was really good. In fact, the whole execution scene was just really well handled, and is probably one of two emotional centers of the movie.
The other emotional center is the judge’s verdict, where he denies the motion for a new trial. It’s just a gut-punch, and the sense of injustice is so strong. It honestly caught me completely off-guard. I didn’t expect that, and suddenly the movie went from being a feel-good movie into a tragedy.
And it fit! It fit really well as a tragedy in that moment. It made sense as a tragedy. Even though the movie has a happy ending, emotionally I feel like that’s where the movie really ended: with that denial of a new trial.

Huh. I had no idea the HBO show Watchmen was about this.

Oh yeah, and it’s free this weekend apparently.

I was just watching this movie, surprised that there wasn’t anyone else mentioning it as far as I could tell.

Michael B Jordan really turns in a strong performance here. I’m surprised no one else has talked about the movie. It is a tough movie to fully judge. Yes the story feels familiar, but that familiarity also holds a truth.