Study: Some Video Games Boost Perception

hey, wait a minute here! An actual positive test study on gamers who played MoH increases perception. Hmm. they never played OFP. honest to god, OFP increased my shooting skills (when I went to the shooting range)… pretty cool eh?


Okay, when it is linked from Nature, Bruce Geryk and I start paying attention:

CNN picked this up as well, along with a quote from some guy saying that videogames may turn gamers into supergeniuses.

“Ryan C. Williams…super genius.”

Pamela Eakes, president of the Seattle-based Mothers Against Violence in America, said scientists need to look more closely at the effects of video violence on habitual video-game players.

Of course leave it to CNN to end the story on a negative note… (oh right that is journalism balance).

Actually since many video game players are geeks and you don’t see many geeks in prison (well maybe for hacking and white collar crimes), I’d be willing to bet that habitual video-gamers are less likely to be violent in real life than non gamers.

So playing games makes you betters soldiers, drivers and keeps you out of prison… Now if it only turned you into a babe magnet… :lol:

the NYT version I read decided to pimp the new matrix game, as in mentioning that they are only talking about first person shooters, … such as enter the matrix

Ummm… is that EVEN a first person shooter?!? They even show a screenshot which should tell them it isnt.

Now if it only [gaming] turned you into a babe magnet…

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And he was on the old boards.

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You’re just optically challenged.

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