Stuff for sale to other Qt3 members!

So the time has come for me to start clearing out my boardgame collection and sending them to good homes. I would love for them to go to people on the forum rather than posting them on bgg or ebay.

Here is what I am looking at in the first wave. Some I am hoping for a nominal amount plus actual cost of shipping; others are cost of shipping only. For shipping calculations, I am in North Carolina. All are open but complete and at most lightly played. Please message me if interested (and ideally post here, so that I don’t get too many messages).

  • Crusader Kings Boardgame: Cost of shipping only Claimed
  • Imperium: Classics + Imperium Legends: $20 Claimed.
  • Star Trek: Frontiers: Cost of shipping only. Claimed.
  • Unicornus Knights: $10 Claimed.

I would be interested in the Imperium games. Can I PM you?

Just PM’d you about Star Trek: Frontiers. Thanks!

I’m interested in the CK board game. PMing.

If for whatever reason cornchip changes their mind I would absolutely take the Crusader kings.

If no one else has interest, I’ll take a shot with the Unicornus Knights.

You are in for a treat! It is an excellent game.

Round two, as I clear out my various closet spaces and under eaves storage:

  • Champions of Hara and Chaos on Hara - $20

The highlight here is Champions of Hara plus its expansion, Chaos on Hara. A clever and interesting game that really needs a new home! Tom loved this one.

The others are all cost of shipping to you.

  • Captain Sonar - Cost of Shipping

A limited information game for 2-8 players. Hidden movement submarine warfare. Super interesting game, loads of fun, but I do not have 8 players often enough to justify it.

  • Hammer of the Scots - Cost of Shipping

An oldie but a goodie–Columbia Games block wargame where William Wallace and Edward I fight over Scotland.

  • Terraforming Mars - Cost of Shipping

Lots of people love this game, and everyone that wants it probably has it. Did not do much for me personally.

Oh man - Captain Sonar is so tempting, but there is ZERO change I ever get to play. Zero.

So I will leave that one for other Qt3 members :)

So, I just posted this on Facebook, but someone here might be interested as well… Since I now have a Steam Deck, I no longer need my laptop to be a gaming laptop, so I’m going to give the new Macbook Air 15 a try.

I have an Asus ROG Zephrus M16, Core i9-11900H, 40GB RAM, two 1TB SSDs, and GeForce RTX 3060 in superb condition available. Great for gaming and mobile video/photo editing. (100% SRGB WXGA 16” screen, 165Hz)

Friend/Qt3 price is $900+shipping. If anyone’s interested or wants more details, PM!

That is a lot of RAM!

Used it for video editing and MSFS. :)

I would totally buy that to upgrade my kid’s school laptop, but I have two kids :(

I would definitely consider that for my wife who wants to do more photo- and video editing on her laptop. But shipping to the Netherlands would be crazy expensive :(

Hey, you have to pick a favorite at some point.

Good day all!

Board Game offer now closed

@matttutor, since you mentioned shelf space, I’m assuming you’re just looking to sell rather than trade? But I have a list of about a hundred games for trade, so if no one buys your copy of Bios: Origins and you might be interested in a trade, let me know and I’ll PM you the list!