Stupid Bluetooth Headset woes

So, for Xmas, my wife got me a bluetooth earphone and an adapter to hang off of my desktop or my netbook. I can’t get the damn thing to work.

Both machines are running Vista (the desktop running Vista64). I can connect up the adapter, and it recognizes it, and will install MS-based bluetooth stack drivers. If I want to, I can install the drivers that came with the adapter, but both the adapter documentation and Vista seem to think that those drivers are old and unnecessary (they’re necessary for XP, pre SP2, as Microsoft didn’t have its own Bluetooth stack, then).

While the adapter is plugged in, the OS reports that it’s functioning normally. I can’t get it to sense the headset.

For testing purposes, I tried using the headset independently with my Blackberry and my son’s Motorola Razr phone. Both the Blackberry and the Razr detect the headset normally.

Neither of them, however, see the Blackberry or my son’s phone. The Blackberry can’t see either computer.

Finally, my son’s phone and the Blackberry can see each other.

Any ideas?

Did you check if the BT stack has the headset profile? Not all dongles support that particular feature.

I’m using the Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR USB Dongle with First Connect (or, at least, that’s the full string from the Driver Details).

My headset is the Plantronics Explorer 233.

According to the Broadcom support, the 2046 supports Hands Free and Headset. I don’t know where to confirm that, however. Is there a place where it lists the supported profiles in Vista?