Stupid but clever idea: LightDims

I blocked out the piercing blue lights on my speakers, USB hubs, HDD towers and cases that are within view of my computer desk using the blackout version of these:

Warning: informercial video

Lol amazing. I have actually been using post it notes, no joke.

These speakers are really good 2.0 speakers but have a piercing blue light:

Huh, I just use BluTak.

My humidifier’s red LED is so bright I wrote an Amazon review about it. It lights a room to reading level through around 8 layers of masking tape. Placed by a window I feel there’s a chance the police will come and accuse me of shining a laser at aircraft.

If we don’t cover our lights up before watching a film it’s like

I’ve looked at these LightDims before and they’re tidy little things. I should just get some black insulating tape though.

@rei and yep, they are great speakers!

I bought a humidifier with blue LED’s that has a “night mode” which turns off all the lights while the unit stays running. Greatest idea ever.

At one point, the red light from the cable box used to stare me right in the eye when I was trying to sleep but I solved that with black electrical tape. Take that!

I got lucky with my current PC. The case light is super tiny and does not light the room. My Dell monitor’s light is a dim white color. I’m not even sure if it blinks or not when put to sleep. I never noticed. That’s how dim it is.

My previous computer was horrible though.

Yup. Got electrical tape in the tower fan in the bedroom.

I use blutack