Stupid girl will help you find stuff

She makes Eliza look pretty clever and at least she’s not a stupid blonde, but Ms. Dewey really haven’t got a clue.

Hasn’t. ;)

VV I told her to “die in a fire” and she read a book about sex…

Searches that gave amusing responses: george bush, porno, video game, cooking, guns, adventure travel

I liked the loading part.

Not THAT stupid - when I searched for Seattle, she said: “ah yes - 72 suburbs in search of a city.” That’s pretty close to the truth. Searching for “Ms. Dewey” yields several interesting responses.

It’s an interesting experiment. Have her record 20,000 or so phrases and she’ll almost pass for an AI.

ninja is good, too.

She says the same thing about Philadelphia.

A few more interesting ones: band, xbox, Janina Gavankar (the actress playing Ms. Dewey)

Might also want to try: Kick ass, Warcraft

But a better question is: why make these things?

Why is that a better question? Also, what was the original question?

Ms Dewey… Dewey decimal system. Get it?

Why a better question? Because the site is a search engine that encourages questions to be asked. And yeah, I guess there was no original question. Anyway, I’m not badmouthing the thing, I’m just wondering aloud…

heh - “comic books” is funny.

Haha try “boobs” and “nintendo”.

type in anal sex

Type in “n00bs suck.”

try “acting”

“Lord of the Rings” was amusing as well. They must have had her spend a lot of time in the studio.

There are a few different ones for “murder”

“devil summoner” gave me 2 links to (or was that, followed by a link to Atlus! How did she know?
And while the results are up, she pulls out a little gameboy-like thing and starts playing with it.