Stupid IE question

Somehow the default font in my Internet Explorer has become italics. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to undo this, nor do I know how it happened. Does anyone know how to get back to non-italics? Thanks.

Which version?

Whatever the latest is, 8 I guess?

Go into Internet Options under Tools, and make sure nothing under Accessibility is checked.

That’s the new Ie8 “emphisis added” feature. It’s meant to add more emphisis to web pages.

Nothing is checked under Accessibility; I inspected all the Tools options first and there’s nothing at all about italics, and nothing in the Help system about it either. Gah.

Are you sure that the selected default font has a non-italic variant on your system? Could you have accidentally changed the default font, or could something have deleted the upright/roman variant? Check font explorer to see which variants are present.

I promise I’m only saying this because nobody else has mentioned it yet, but, uh, one way of going back to non-italics would be Firefox. Just sayin’.

Read this thread all the way through, if you haven’t already done that.

I use Firefox much of the time. I figured out the problem–my baseline non-italic Arial font got nuked somehow. I replaced it and it’s working now.

Told you so! :)

That you did, sir!

Yeah, one of the places I went that helped. Thanks!