Stupid mouse question

New flat iMac with the fancy white (say small) keyboard- I have a microsoft optical mouse attached via a usb connection. It is a standard MS mouse- software installed…

Just wondering if anyone has this issue…after say poking around, clicking links, using the mouse, the cursor will get REAL slow… so i have to pull out the usb plug, stick it back in and it works fine again. But it is pretty annoying becuase i have to replug it like every half hour.

The computer is fairly new but the mouse is a few years old…not sure if that could be the issue.


Some of the worse problems I’ve had with mice come from installing their manufacturers’ software (scroll button not working, funky acceleration, etc.) Try uninstalling it and just controlling the mouse settings through the Mac’s preference panel and see if that helps.

I tried… didn’t work.

Is it possible for the USB plug to wear out on the mouse so it doesn’t get a “good” connection?

I’m also gonna try another mouse but it too is somewhat old.

Thanks for that.