Stupid networking question

Ok, I am trying to host a Diablo 2 game on my LAN (internet sharing, I am the host computer). My host computer has Windows XP, while the other computer (only 2 total) has 98. The machine with 98 can host games just fine, but it experiences problems because it isn’t very fast. but when I try to host on the XP machine, the whole thing locks up. Do I need to try to reassign the network IP of the host computer (I think it is .0.1 right now)? Is that causing a confusion that is making things crash? Or is there some other problem?

Also, is there a program like winipcfg for XP? that command doesn’t seem to work.

You can use ipconfig on XP. You might also try running Diablo 2 in a window so that if it locks up, you might be able to recover. As for the other issues, I’m not sure offhand.

Are you sure it locks up? I remember that the timeout was really long in Diablo, so it might just be that you’re entering an illegal IP. I usually just used the computer name and that worked fine, but I suppose that the internet sharing might cause problems.

crap, I can use the computer name? I thought it needed it in IP form. I’ll try that. The thing is that the other computer starts up just fine. And I can’t even cancel out of it when I try to host with the main computer. I can’t alt-tab either. I have tried waiting about 5 minutes or so before giving up and turning off the computer (manually, since I couldn’t even shut the program down).

And, shadari, thanks. I didn’t even think to omit the ‘win’ part!

Shadari says it’s ipconfig, which is slightly different from what you just said.

hmmmm…ipconfig brings up an exe shell, but it flashes away. maybe I am missing something?

Press windows-r, type ‘cmd’, and in the console window that appears you type ‘ipconfig’.

Yeah, ipconfig in XP has to be run from a command prompt. :)

ahhh…that makes a difference :). Thanks guys. The host computer is using .0.1, which is probably causing problems. I’ll see if I can’t manually assign it to .2 or something to get it working.