Stupid personal romantic advice

All right. So I go to a dinner party a few months ago. I’m sititing on one end and I hear this attractive girl (N) talking with a friend (A)

A: Yeah I worked at Western Digital but I quit recently. [1]
N: Oh really, I have a western digital
at which point i interject:
wf: how do you know you have a western digital?
at which point some wannabe actress who’s quite cute but pisses me off for some reason interjects:
S: Because you can look inside your computer
WF: I’m thinking, ok bios screen sure but…
WF:"why would anyone (normal) look inside their computer
S: “He (points to hubby) does”
WF: “i’ll rephrase me question, why would anyone NORMAL look inside their computer.”
At this point the friend who invites me tells me "N’ was a software engineer at MSF.
wooh. very cute young geek girl. Anyway to make it short my friend “A” kinda likes her. But I am somewhat, no f’ it, I am intellectually attracted to her. That is, I don’t fantasize about her, i can barely recall her face but the concept of a very attractive, young girl who knows the bloody make of her hard drive is irrestible.

Now, I had a (drunken) conversation with some friends tonight who told me to “F” my friend who likes her. He lives too far away (thought he has enough skills he can easily move back and propose to her or something insane)

She’s mildly crazy because sh’es into extreme sports like snowboarding and hanggliding which I bloody hate because they involve high plces. But i like slightly crazy girls. What the hell do I do? My friends were telling me to just go for it.

BTW we were playing rock band and she jumps in saying “oh i have to play with wisefool cause he rocks”. Tell me that isn’t ego stroking. [email protected]!

[1] as an aside this sob actually quit over ethics. he kept telling his boss the firmware was not ready to be released and quit. a real nerd’s nerd. good guy thought.

Yo, as long as the relationship hasn’t been started, and he hasn’t pulled you aside going like, “Yo man, I LOVE HER”, fair game.

Wow. It’s almost as though whoever invented SHIT BONERZ had a vision of the future and came up with it specifically so that it could one day be deployed in response to this post.

All is fair in love and war.

Edit: I’ve known my best friend since I was 10 years old. If it was a girl he was going after that I liked too, I would not get involved (this has happened before). Anyone else, it would depend on who the girl liked more

Posting while drunk: big thumbs up!


Bloody hell…



Man, how did you know I was drunk Billg?

Okay. So QT3 groupthink says stop being a wuss and go for it. Maybe i’m using loyalty as an excuse. Thank you.

You have received he wrong message. Go back three spaces.

When did EE become the dating advice central? Do any of the qt3 dating advice actually work?

It’s almost Quarter to Four EST. Why am I not sleeping?

This was a few MONTHS ago? If you haven’t made a move by now, and neither has he . . . she’s probably taken by now.

If not, email her/call her man! You have nilch to lose.

Anyone who didn’t think you were drunk thinks so now. Nice conclusion to come to when your poll is at something like 65%+ “shit bonerz.”

I like the part where she says “western digital” and there’s this huge record scratch noise (in your mind).

Who is ‘F’ again?

The book Blink tells you not to question hard impulse decisions because your instincts are usually right. Don’t try to reason it out. If it feels right, go for it.

PS: Hard impulses indeed.

Pull her hair, so she knows you like her, and get her pal to pass her a note in gym.

After reading Callistas thoughts on the matter I have taken up dancing and is very confident when I aproach strange women and ask them to tell me about themeselves.
It’s working great and the only person not happy with his advice is my wife…

He was probably waiting for a skiing contest, or the proposed demolition of a community center, or for them to both get Saturday detention together.

Back in college, I lived in a house that was less than a block away from a Wendy’s. After extensive trash-can party testing, I learned that when badly hungover, the Frosty is a godsend. Provided you can talk one of your housemates into walking over to get one for you.

Any other good hangover suggestions?