Stupid shit you see on Facebook

Just an all around thread for the stupidity of things people post on Facebook. Doesn’t have to be political per se, though a lot of them will be.
I saw this post on a friends wall from someone and it finally decided me long ignored intent to make a thread like this.

That’s right, the GOP is too liberal, despite being the most conservative they have EVER been. I mean they were the original liberal party, but man, they’re more liberal now than ever. Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz? Rick Santorum? RINOs motherfucker. The only real conservative is…uh… um… Jefferson Davis? I don’t really know, since I’m terrified of a world where the GOP is “too liberal” for anyone.

Then he goes on a screed about the Bible and immigrants or something.

Hey man, your thread your rules and all that, but it would probably be a lot easier and shorter to make a thread called “Useful shit you see on Facebook.”

LOL true, but it would just fall off the first page since no one ever posted anything.

Some work friend of my wife’s that she’s blocked due to this BS: Praying for our nation…

Some female friend of his in reply: We need it so desperately! Especially for our children!

But not the gay children - fuck them, right? Crazy…

I concede the point.

I got a huge kick a few days ago reading Walmart’s page after they announced they were no longer selling items with the Confederate flag on it.

I don’t think I’ve ever found anything useful on FB. Well, maybe restaurant menus. I know it’s about social ephemera, but given its sheer size I’d think there’d be more… actual stuff. Is there a Kitchen Gadgetry group?

I did appreciate the time a co-worker used it to point out to her cousin, who was spouting some ditto-head nonsense about welfare queens and societal leeches, that she (the cousin) and her kids were all on the receiving end of government hand-outs from various agencies. That was funny, and possibly informatively useful. But also kind of sad.

Lawn. And 5 cool points… somehow. Are the kids still shunning FB, incidentally? Last I heard it was all about Instagram and Whisper.

I like all the people saying they wont shop at Walmart because Southern pride or whatever, but Walmart is Southern.
The lack of any punctuation or capitalization is pretty epic as well.

And honestly, where are these poor fucks going to go? Walmart already ran out all the little chain stores and any big chain is going to follow Walmart’s lead. I’m sure “Arkansas Jack’s Rebel Yell Flag Store” will do well for a couple months, but he can’t match Walmart’s prices and selection for very long.

Though to be fair, this kinda of wins the internet on the Walmart debate:

What a great day to start this thread. Living in Australia I don’t see many “the USA is now going to hell” posts after the Supreme Court Gay Marriage ruling, but I did get one. A fellow high school student who ended up moving to south US to become a conservative preacher. He’s korean, and he wrote this long message in Korean. Clicking the translate button gave me this:

A person residing in the United States as a true shame. United States Supreme Court, all of the United States among gays in marriage legalized in all 50 States, the definition of “marriage” by surprise itself changed. The United States is no longer a Christian nation, but the country cannot have the title that would mark a deep regret. This strengthened the children in society and the environment, which had never imagined. They love to the love of Jesus to the biblical Gospel and are qualitatively different. Ask for prayer requests to the United States.

7.14 to say ever-called my name, my people pray save my face by lowering himself to their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and their left from their sins forgiven and shall fix their land.

To be honest, if he wrote it in english, I doubt it would make any more sense.

So… this happened.

In response to the whole “the CSA isn’t about [email protected]!#@$!” crowd I posted this:

My old roommate, who I know is a racist liked it. Now at first I’m like… does he like the point I was making, or does he like what Stephens said?

So I go look at his feed. It’s all pro-Confederate battle flag posts all the way down. Then he’s arguing the flag isn’t racist. But he just liked the most racist shit ever. I feel I’ve made a terrible mistake. Now it’s like a car accident, I can’t stop looking.

People put lost pets up, I’ve even seen it work a few times, but this one was funny to me (mostly cause I don’t know the person at all).

"Toby got loose and jumped off a 60 foot cliff into the Willow River. "

Yeah, Toby is dead.

I think it was the “lets sneer at shitlords” series of callout threads on BF that put me off that website.


Math. It’s hard apparently.

I thought it was a joke, but then I saw that it was being shared quite seriously.

Aliens can turn a dollar into a million dollars, no problem.

Is the implication that there are 317 million people in America, but only 360 people who actually count, i.e. citizens? All the rest are illegal immigrants we need Trump to deport?

The stupid shit I see posted in Qt3’s P&R forum is starting to catch up to what I see on FB.

Read the comments on Politico’s FB wall if you want to see a daily outpouring of crazy and stupid. It’s a

I think this fits in well in this thread.

lol, why does this guy make his videos while driving around?