Stupid shit you see on Facebook


The evidence for the recovery is in comparison to other similar nations. If you map the US recovery against Europe, for example, you see that our recovery happened sooner and had stronger growth rates.

Which is the best evidence that the policies of his administration were effective.


What about the stimulus bill? Financial legislation? Saving GM? In broader terms, I think the situation at the time he was elected could have turned out much worse. I give him some credit for not doing extremely bad things.


Apples to Oranges fallacy: the recession was deeper in the US, and US trend growth rates have been higher than Europe for a long time.


I’m not saying his economic policy choices were bad (I’d agree they were sensible) - just that actually moving the needle on headline GDP requires something pretty exceptional.

The GWB administration headed off the “total meltdown” scenario, although they hardly covered themselves in glory with their handling of Lehman.


But unlike the UK, Obama pushed strongly for stimulus. We saw the UK tank and contract, even before the Brexit. It had elected to go lean, and it caused a lot of damage to the economy.

It’s easy to see how the path that Obama took made a huge difference and combat the worst of the recession.


Looking at the charts here: I’m not seeing a huge difference in fiscal trajectory between UK and US. . I think the difference was much more one of rhetoric than policy, and the differences in growth rates can be tied to higher US trend growth and UK’s greater exposure to the EU sovdebt crisis.


The chart doesn’t tell the whole story.


Oh, look goalpost moving.

You claimed that US fiscal policy and UK fiscal policy diverged approx. 2008-2015.

I disputed that claim and provided data.

You linked to a long rambling article that doesn’t mention UK fiscal policy AT ALL.


I am a little out of my league here, my background is psychology, not it’s bastard step child, economics, but I don’t get how that chart is helpful. It’s just showing that GDP to debt ratio. Is that supposed to mean anything?






In 1996 your parents didn’t know what the internet was.




I am old remember, I know everyone’s parents.


Hell, I’m so old I know Scuzz’s parents. Nice folks.


My mom started sharing Turning Point memes that are 100% false and other stupid crap like this:

What does that even mean? We don’t give illegals anything. So it’s hardly taking it from Vets to give them the nothing we don’t give them. Also the GOP isn’t exactly doing a fucking thing to help Vets anyway, quite the opposite.

So now my daily job is to berate her on Facebook apparently.


@ShivaX maybe it’s a start point to get people onside, from a fairly inoffensive assertion, onto more radical stuff.

I mean, no-one is going to argue illegals should get preferential treatment over veterans.

Implicit in that is the suggestion that illegals already do.

And to back that up all one has to do is find n example of an illegal being helped in some way, and a veteran not being helped.

Objective facts don’t mean much here.

Once you have someone onboard saying the rather reasonable statement of “vets before illegals,” and have them believing vets are being maltreated, I imagine it’s not a big step to get to “government should do more for vets,” (again a reasonable statement in and of itself) and “gov’t should do less for illegals,” (we’re starting to stray here :) and then onto, eventually, "gov’t should ship all illegals back!!

It’s the context around it that is worrying, precisely because all of that cannot be communicated by an easily shared meme.


I’m sure that’s what it is, since that’s how these things work.

Honestly Facebook “groups” are a plague. Trump and The Great America is one that came up.
I mean, that screams foreign organization since no one in American history has referred to America as “The Great America”. Half their posts are selling Trump coins and hats. The rest are race baiting shit and claiming liberals are traitors for believing in the rule of law.


Glad I left FB!


It means the homeless guy on the corner holds up a sign that says he’s a vet, while we let the children of illegal immigrants sleep in nice warm comfy cages and give them 3 squares a day, all on the taxpayer dime. Therefore, immigrants are being placed before vets by the libtards running this country.

Or something.