Stupid shit you see on Facebook



I was really confused until I took a second look at what thread I was in.


desecrating = kneeling

got it.


black = bad

got that too.



Oh wow.


Fuck me.


But that’s not racism right, this is where someone tell me it’s just Republicans or Trump supporters and that somehow makes it different?


Could be? It’s not clear to me whether that graphic was intended to be a racist statement (black people == dogs) or to point out Trump’s racism (other presidents have dogs that they love, Trump calls black people dogs).


See, I initially read it that way too. But then I thought, that’s a really stupid way to make that point. Occam’s razor points directly towards some racist dipshit putting that together.


I had a similar journey “Is this a really weird way to call out the fact that Trump doesn’t have a White House pet? Wait…that would be a super racist way to call that out. Oh… it’s just racist.”


I suppose so. Trump’s Razor would say “If in doubt, the most racist explanation is probably the correct one.”


And the color of the dogs are just coincidence. The white house pets are not always brown and black.

I realize some might think I am reading into things… there is an ugly pattern of comparing black people to animals. It’s not knew and sadly it’s not rare. He has a whole host of people he’s not liked, not all of them are compared to animals, most aren’t even.


I lol’d


No, you’re not reading into things. This is what it is.


No doubt in my mind.


It’s not just you, it immediately stood out to me as well.

I find that image to be extremely offensive. I can’t even determine the intent other than pure, unadulterated racism. Even if someone anti-Trump cooked that up to try and point out Trump’s own racism, it backfired and taints anyone associated with it’s creation and distribution (@abidingdude excepted since he’s obviously bringing it to our attention because he feels the same way).

Ugh. Just…no.


But… Trump literally called her a dog. If Omarosa were white would y’all be scratching your heads in confusion?


If Omarosa was white would he have literally called her a dog?


If Omarosa was a man. . . .