Stupid shit you see on Facebook


She is a women, so maybe? It’s sometimes hard to figure out whether something Trump says is because he is racist or because he is sexists.

Why not both, you may ask. And to that, I say, of course!


What a peurile poster.

Use some imagination ffs.


Maybe? He calls people dogs a lot for some reason.

But he is still a racist piece of shit, regardless


So every single other quote says. literally… like a dog or like dogs. He calls Omarosa that dog.


Well yes, obviously.


My immediate impression of that pic was that it was sexist and was a bit surprised that everyone went straight for the racist interpretation.


It’s just illustrating Trump’s racism and misogyny. If he’d never said those dog comments, there would be no need for the picture. I don’t blame the creator of the image any more than I would a political cartoonist for drawing something with racist/misogynist themes to skewer the Trumps of the world.


So it turns out one part of my family has been bickering with another part of my family over Facebook over the authenticity of the left photo and the “story” behind it. I have never used Facebook, and the only reason I found out about this is because they tried to drag me into the argument.

The eldest generation thinks the flag burning photo is real and the other (when confronted with it) is fake propaganda. The middle-aged generation believed it was real at first but not not any longer… but only because they got slapped down by someone online last year when they themselves tried to pass it off, thinking it was real at the time.

And even when confronted with articles, and side-by-side comparisons as proof, the elders just. will. not. budge.

They just hate admitting mistakes of this nature.

All Trumpsters. All in the deep south. Different, but still significant, levels of willful ignorance.


Do we have a thread for awesome stuff we see on FB? Because Chuck Tingle is awesome. Btw, if you don’t know who he is, probably don’t Google him at work.


Millenials ruin…

Finger strength?


I thought that using the iPhone and the Xboxes meant that fingers were the only muscles kids actually do work out anymore? Or maybe that’s just thumbs?


aww, the video doesn’t imbed, but my sore button mashing fingers are too lazy


Weak fingers? Like too weak to climb cliffs or bash rocks together to start fires. heh.


Seeing my mother who votes for every Republican ever (but not Trump, she says) and her friend who does the same get angry about a story on the USDA letting people ship chicken to China to be processed and then back again… I mean I can’t even. You voted for it and keep voting for it.


Out of curiosity, what specifically about that is making them angry? Because there are several reasons I could fathom.


The obvious part where China’s standards on things tend to be along the lines of “use toxic industrial waste for kid’s toys,” as far as I can tell.


That’s a reasonable concern, that Chinese processors have more lax health and safety standards.

The solution is obvious, quit voting R then. But we both know their hypocrisy doesn’t register to them. Because regulations are bad, but so is toxic paint and they shouldn’t be allowed to sell that somehow. But don’t regulate it!


I mean, these are almost the words they use. As long as you don’t put them together somehow it makes sense.

I just respond with “welcome to deregulation” or the like.



I just witnessed a wind turbine worker who is a Trump supporter.

Fuck wind, bring back coal. Says the wind turbine dude in Iowa where they have no real coal and tons of wind turbines.