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How can people be so dumb?


Have you been to Iowa?


Sadly it feels like a product of our modern hyper-partisan politics that either more regulation must be advocated as the solution to all ills, or that all regulation is bad and must be abolished. The idea that regulation can both:

  1. Protect consumers, enforce a level playing field in the market and in global trade, protect the environment and protect workers.
  2. Increase costs to no or minimal benefit, retard innovation, act as a barrier to entry protecting vested interests, protect lazy and incompetent workers and act as a protectionist non-tariff barrier.

Doesn’t appear to have a place in political discourse today.


Shouldn’t we at least be experiencing (2) before we list it as a concern at the same level as (1)? If not, it’s a bit like telling starving people that overeating can be a problem, too.


Of course both are possible, but we’re completely ignoring 1 as even a factor.

If we poison the water supply of 10,000 people, that’s fine because someone is going to make a couple million extra dollars. It’s stupid and dishonest and everyone knows it, but the donor class gets what they pay for.


Where it gets weird though, is once you get into the developing world.

In many places, even employment conditions that we would consider appalling are a marked improvement over the previous conditions of crap like subsistence farming and famine.

We need to be willing to acknowledge the dramatic difference in quality of life between the modern US and other places, and that gradient creates a situation where other places in the world are going to be willing to do crap jobs cheaper than folks in America are going to be willing to do that work… And that’s ok, because it’s going to make their lives better in the long run.


Whether or not we need to do that, as a practical matter there are few if any regulations in the US that impact labor conditions overseas, and as a practical matter the problem isn’t that so-called conservatives want to kill those regulations, it’s that they want to kill the regulations in force like the Clean Air Act right here in the quality-of-life USA.


First comment is priceless. The guy sharing it is an old white dude from Florida. I respond to some of his shares like this one, but I try to pick my battles and I don’t think this is one I need to bother with.


Posted today by one of my childhood friends. He was mostly an idiot back in the day and I guess not much has changed.


It’s completely inappropriate, but also shows your friend probably doesn’t understand what happened to Pocahontas which is… actually quite tragic.


That’s so cute. Thanks for sharing. 😃



The moron that listed that doesn’t seem to realize trump just listed the biggest tax increase on the middle class and poor in decades. So much flat-out wrong in that thing it’s unreal.


I love how they have to put NRA in brackets. You don’t want to confuse your reader!


There is no coherent argument that the modern GOP is compatible with Christianity. Unless you leave out all the parts about Christ.


This a quintillion %.


Having grown up in a conservative Christian church my whole life, Jesus is the guy who died for our sins and rose again, that’s it really. The amount of time spent talking about what he said during his life was vastly overwhelmed by Paul’s theology and the OT.

I love talking to my old friends in the church sphere about politics or ethics, and citing quotes from Jesus that directly contradict their stances on a whole vast range of issues. Most of the time the reply is ‘he said what?’ or ‘that was meant for the Jews of the time’.


It’s true. There’s that whole bit where God was all, “And all this shit I’m spitting at ya’ll has an expiration date. Lets’ say two-thousand years give or take, then flip the script.”


But not the part where I get into Heaven, that part was for us non-Jews.


I actually approve about about 75% of what is on the Democrats side of the list anyway.