Stupid shit you see on Facebook


Indeed. In fact, it’s really only the choice of words in most cases. The first time I read it I didn’t even realize it was supposed to be anti-Democratic.


Because I am somewhat sick today but not too sick to be bored, here is my alternative image:

At least as true as that other image. In fact, more so IMO.


Too many words.


There’s some four-syllable words in there. No way ant “Real Amuricuns” could work through that.


Your next assignment until you get better… add Libertarians into the image as well.

And feel better!


This wrote itself:



Figured it’d be better to put this here rather than in the SCOTUS thread.


That is just great.


Shouldn’t that have been “WHO BOOFED?”


That’s a Devil’s Triangle, now we all have to drink.


With our new supreme Court justice confirmed. No matter what happens in November… TRUMP WINS! Game…set… match. #checkmate #smh#saddayforamerica #thednckilledamerica #neverhillarykilledamerica#imwithherkilledamerica [#cheatingberniesanderskilledamerica]

From my black Republican friend who voted for Trump.

You see, it’s the fault of all those Democrats that we’re fucked. Not him for voting for this shit.

Personal responsibility doesn’t exist apparently.


It is rather ironic how the ‘party of personal responsibility’ is so violently opposed to holding a powerful white man personally responsible for his past. As if the very notion of holding someone responsible for their behavior is a teen is anathema to them.

They say while locking up young men, particularly black men, by the millions for having small amounts of pot, and using the drug war to destroy people’s futures by making it harder to get good jobs even decades later.


There an objectively weird (but not surprising,that given the current GOP) undercurrent to some of the criticisms of the Kavanaugh heaeings that:

  • Kavanaugh was obviously unqualified due to temperament and for being a partisan hack
  • His confirmation is the Democrats fault for not stopping the Republicans

It’s a theme that comes up again and again (see also, the inevitable responses to the Trump tax evasion allegations): Republicans do the most terrible things they can think of, and if it isn’t actually illegal (or even if it is), it’s the Democrats fault for allowing it to happen.

Truly, the party of personal responsibility.




The Birther and Swift Boat guys


But her emails and Benghazi too.


Yes, lock her up.


I’m confused…was he actually convicted of anything?

Because if not, then that poster is…pointless.


That’s the sign’s point. He wasn’t convicted of anything but “he was considered guilty” by the accusation.

White men have it super tough right now.