Stupid shit you see on Facebook



Lots of people carry the stigma of accusation even if not convicted.

Nothing new here?

I’m just struggling to understand the signs message.


Nice to see that Facebook has an “Incorrect Voting Info” option for reporting voter suppression posts.



If this isn’t an indictment of social media and the way it has impacted the real world, I don’t know what is.




My aunt is posting how 4k Hondurans with cameramen following them is a Democratic October surprise. She got it from Peggy Traeger Tierney, a person I’ve never heard of but whose FB page has Laura Loomer on it, which tells me all I need to know.


Can’t we just carpet bomb them back to their homeland?


So why would the democrats give Trump’s legion a reason to fear them even more before the election? The minds of Trump followers are just made up of yellow goo, sticky, smelly, yellow goo.


It’s amazing, isn’t it? Why go for a simple, straightforward answer when you can instead muster up a complicated conspiracy theory that subscribes to your frightened world view.

Maybe it’s time for humanity to extinct itself so we can step aside and give nature and evolution another chance. Anyway, one of my favorite cartoons:


If only we’d evolved from the bonobo line instead of chimps.




My daughter told me this joke last week:

Q. What do you call a bunny who always looks on the bright side of things?
A: A hop-tometrist.


Shouldn’t that be a bunny who checks your eyes?


Well, an optometrist is examining your eyes by shining a light into them, so he or she is on the bright side of that light. That’s the best I got. I think hop-tomist may work a bit better.


I think it’s more like @rrmorton butchered his daughter’s joke. :)




On the other hand, at least he didn’t post it somewhere else, take a screenshot of that post, then post the screenshot here.



(It was a joke, because it’s “stupid shit you see on facebook”)


Nope, my daughter mistold a joke she had read off a popsicle stick… and made it way funnier in the process.


LOL that’s awesome.