Stupid shit you see on Facebook


The first bunny to think of the glass as half full was Hoptimist Prime.


Now you’re thinking outside the hutch!




From a friend on Facebook who saw this posted by one of his relatives. Yikes.


So a leftist conspiracy theory that this was all arranged by Trump?


No, this is the right wing conspiracy theory that Democrats arranged these people coming to the U.S. as an election ploy.


Which is amusing, considering that such a thing could only be used to whip up Trump’s base. Why would George Soros pay for that?


As a rule of thumb, I highly question the credibility of anything that ends with “let that sink in”


I saw someone post that just yesterday. It’s definitely getting around. I didn’t even know where to begin to reply.


I do.

I let it sink in, that you’re a racist.


The same goes for “makes you think”


I thought they were Hondurans. Also, they are currently about 1100 miles from the nearest US/Mexico border. They would have to cover about 60 miles/day to make it here “just in time” for the election. Will the Soros Enterprises Jewcopter be able to airlift them to the polling places in time??


Of course not once those noble patriots have managed their plan of using a mail bomb to eliminate the threat.


I find the usual capstone to an idiotic argument is “Hmmmmmmm.”.


This technique can be turned toward parody by the simply inclusion of sixteen spinning thinking emojis

Mind, this does not in any way imply that it isn’t still idiotic. Hyper-meta and surrealist meme culture is fuckin’ weird, y’all.


Trumpsters I’m connected to on FB often just use the “Haha” and “Wow” emojis to express their contempt.



The conspiracy theory that Democrats are somehow paying people to come here is nonsensical. It makes zero sense on any level.

It highlights that these people believe conspiracy theories just because they are conspiracy theories. The idea that they have gotten some “secret knowledge” or that they cracked the code somehow, is so enticing to them that they don’t even bother with the most rudimentary critical thinking.

Because these people are profoundly stupid.

Really, they are just absolute imbeciles. Borderline retarded, if not literally so. They have never been on the receiving end of any actual inside information. They have never been on the right side of an argument. They have never been the smartest person in the room.

So the idea that they know the truth and all the so called experts don’t? It’s infinitely appealing to them.

They are so, so dumb.


Someone buys The Enquirer. They’ve been around forever. It’s just that on the Internet they get to be heard by more than their family.




Well, when I saw what passes for textbooks in some states in a recent thread here, I’m not at all surprised that there are a lot of dumb people in the US.