Stupid shit you see on Facebook


What if you don’t have a table?


Pound your chest and be on Trump’s favorite channel

(Is it Gorilla? Is it Fox? Works for both)


If you haven’t got a penny, a ha ’ penny will do: If you haven’t got a ha ’ penny , then God bless you!


Thoughts and prayers. Of course, its obvious once pointed out!


Very well done, sir. Very well done.


Also seasonally appropriate… kudos!


Spent a good chunk of time on some randos Facebook page. It’s a little nuts what people share publically.

and this literally made me lol


Scott Biddle is an imbecile.


It would be so awesome if Trump caught the flu and died from it


I would not be surprised at all to find out some of the anti-vaccine and flu nuts actually get their shots in secret. Not all of them believe what they peddle. They want the attention and the money.


Stupid shit you see on facebook? More like the greatest advertisement of all time!

That’s the smell of FREY.


There is no smell of an understanding boyfriend. Only the smell of a crafty, patient young male trying to get into someone’s pants.


Or one currently occupied with his video games and just agrees to whatever you’re saying without listening.


This form of overt sexism WILL NOT STAND.


That quote was taken out of context, but the truth is that any of us who have ever ignored the FREY stories, or ever believed that he was setup by the system (as laundry detergents often are) were doing so at the detriment of fabric softeners and color-safe bleach.

I apologize to all of the survivors for washing with FREY and for taking this long to speak out.



Of course “Lillian” isn’t violating any ToS or anything and everything is fine. Because Facebook.


Ah yes, the classic bad photoshop job that only a white, 50+, racist, rabid FOX News and Conservative radio consumer would fall for, because of course newly elected minority congresswomen would pose for a picture with that stuff in the background. It makes PERFECT sense!

Redistribution of such garbage on social media should be grounds for immediate banning from all platforms. Sorry Grandma, guess you won’t get to see the kids birthday pictures because you couldn’t stop reposting obvious shitty political hack content on your Facebook feed.


Is that a Russian page?


It supposedly some woman in like Indiana or whatever.

Odds are good it’s a Russian page, it’s all fake shit designed to make conservatives angry.