Stupid shit you see on Facebook


I wouldn’t have sexual relations with her because I do not care for the way she is as a person


Jesus guys. Come on. All the posts about her sexual (un)desirability are really inappropriate.


Genuine question. Does she have a glass eye?


I merely wish to see her soulless lying ass atomized by an interplanetary object, sent by someone else’s god, nothing to do with her desirability.


No. Just a glass brain.


I think we all can share in that wish.



No, the image was photoshopped. Not a stellar effort all round.


That just makes her even more beautiful!


More or less inappropriate than what she does for a living?

Asking for science.


More. Be better.


Nah, enabling the destruction of the republic is worse.
Like, many orders of magnitude worse.


Be best, even.

Not commentary on the above so much as I literally can’t fucking read/hear the phrase “Be better” without thinking of Melania’s goddamned retarded bullying campaign. It’s the political equivalent to an ear-worm. But the Khan mind-controlling demon-roach kind, not the “Careless Whisper” kind.


That scene fucked me up as a kid.


Yep, still fucks me up. Ew.


If X isn’t as bad as Y, then it’s okay to do X.

What is this, third grade?


Fifth. Give us a little credit here.




Hey everyone, Dave says it’s okay!


Ok, it’s an ad, but I think it still counts.


Fucking idiots. “If true!” “I’ve done limited research on this” but I’m going to post it anyways…