Stupid shit you see on Facebook


So I go to facebook to see how my family is doing and my brother has posted this:

This is pretty normal for my family.

But I usually answer in a way that shows just how stupid it is to post this crap.


they have one for Christianity too, right?


My response was “So americans can insult Christianity to”. A bit more to than just that, but that’s the basic message.

No one has responded since.


I really hope this is fake. If it isn’t it just means I dislike religion even more.

Also, a lovely pic from some friend I have.


I read that as “glutton based food” at first.


This just made me feel despondent.


Sometimes there is funny stuff posted.


Yes, funny stuff that looks like it came from an EGA game in the 90s.


I’m a Christian, but so often I feel we completely miss the point.


Also: really bad puns.


Fixed. :)


Some of my family have a weird sense of humor.

It’s an Onion “ad” they thought was hilarious.

They’re logic? If you can’t laugh at something the Terrorists win!


I dunno, black humor is a thing. This in particular is a little too HEY GUYS 9/11 LOL :D to be all that funny to me, but…I mean, yeah, laughing in the face of tragedy is a fairly common human behavior.


It’s hilarious because every year Subway are inundated with complaints about it.


This. The original Onion article came out in 2013 and Subway still catches shit for it all the time. That’s the real punchline for this joke.


I get the joke and think it’s funny. (Subway getting complaints)

I should have mentioned how uptight my family is.

We have a family troll.


Are you that troll? It’s ok this is a safe space…


Ahh okay, that makes more sense. I can appreciate trollin’ the family, for sure.


Actually it’s a cousin.

It seems his entire life goal is to make his father uncomfortable.

And he likes to troll FB.

I try to point out the things family and some friends post that aren’t true or are just links to ads. I just ruin peoples fun.

Recently? No, Mom, Survivor isn’t suing Kim Davis for using Eye of the Tiger. Yes, Mom. They aren’t happy about it but they aren’t suing.


Early on in Facebook’s life-cycle, I would regularly just post links to the Snopes article debunking whatever random crap my relatives would put up there (it wasn’t usually political, just dumb conspiracy nonsense). The incidence of stupid crap dropped off quickly, and for a while I thought I had made them fact-check what they sent out… but later I realized that they had just dropped me from their distribution. Ah well.