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Good. That guy was a real piece of work. To think that you can have a police officer represent a community and expect anyone of minority status to feel even reasonably safe with him walking up to your door is insane. This isn’t one of those bad taste jokes, this man is openly racists and advocating dehumanizing those he hates, and those associated with them.

I am assuming it’s resignation and not a flat out firing because of his position. He also has no business serving the public anywhere else.


Anymore it isn’t even a scandalous thing to do publicity with photoshopped faces of opposition voices invited to interviews, because mocking people is good for clicks.


I don’t even know where to start after today’s news. Local news affiliates and the comments sections full of white power and anti-blm comments, arguing with some moron on a mutual friend’s wall that the Nazis in Charlottesville are not liberals and that the Nazi movement wasn’t a far Left political force.


This recurrent idiocy really drives me nuts.

“Liberal” and “conservative” (or “Left” and “Right”) are poor words and simply don’t work in many situations, especially when trying to retroactively label movements of the past. Sadly, they’ve been ingrained in our political speech for ages.


I don’t no where this talking point came from but I have seen it used by conservatives for probably the last year or so. Somehow the Nazi’s have become leftists in conservative arguments.


That’s been going on for years. Mostly because American conservatives consist of equal parts intellectually dishonest elitists and useful idiots, so there’s no actual intellectual rigor or real analysis anywhere in the entire Republican party.

Burn it down 2020!


They simply found out that Nazi is shorthand for National Socialism and they cannot separate that from the hated Commie Pinko Socialists. I’ve had this actual conversation with a co-worker, and there was absolutely no changing his mind. I guess explaining that North Korea is not a Democratic People’s Republic was probably off the table, too.


Yea, that is the argument they use. That there is “socialism” in their name. Anyone using that argument is of course an idiot.


Next time you get that, remind them that the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, Roman, nor an empire.


Are they aware that Nazis hated communists more than anybody except Jews?


When Adam mentioned the Holy Roman Empire, I nearly spit out my coffee laughing. The chances of this co-worker knowing the HRE even existed has to be 1/100, having a nuanced thought about the politics and motivations associated with either of those ideologies besides “commies are bad” is virtually non-existent.

If we took a tour through the company parking lot, every five cars or so has either a confederate flag liscense plate (in Yankee ass New York), an “America is Full so Fuck off sticker” or maybe even the classiest “I am the Infidel Allah warned you about” inscribed in an M16. Classy place, brimming with top class intellects.


Where do you work, at a bagel shop??


Another link from my conservative Facebook friend is a video purporting to show “An in-depth look at the power-hungry Mitch McConnell, and how his policies could destroy the Republican Party.”

Now, needless to say, I’m no fan of Mitch McConnell. But it’s a little scary how quickly the Trumpsucking media turns on someone their Dear Leader has designated to be the enemy du jour.

We absolutely have an authoritarianism proto-mechanism in place, here. It’s like a miniature dictatorship and Ministry of Information within a still functioning (knock on wood) republic.


You can bet the ministries logo would be plated in gold. And sparkle too!


And 70% of it is likely to be the Russians. 28% is home-grown nutjobs. And the remaining 2% is, improbably, almond-butter.


Black licorice and marzipan are my favorite things. But what does this say about my political affiliation?


As long as there’s no Xantham gum


That you’re Dutch?


It’s been a talking point since I’ve paid attention to politics. So… late 80’s early 90’s at the very least.

Because it has the word socialism right there in the name!

Also North Korea is a democracy.