Stupid shit you see on Facebook


Not Facebook, but awesome.

Not only does this person not realize that Obama was not president during Katerina, but they think Rice is Michelle Obama, because they are both black women.


Back in the old days, we made our memes from cardboard, magic markers, and magazine photos.


analogue meme heh


Can someone explain twitter to me. Why aren’t the comments in order of when they were received?


They have an algorithm that decides what is best for you to see first.


Probably to avoid the issue of “first!” more than anything. It tends to sort by most likes/retweets at the top along with tweets the OP responded to.



Thanks Obama!


At least you still have that Ark to float in!


…and if Texas had been given 150 billion smackers, the chances any of it would have done anything to help average Texans? About zero.


Nah - the Ark is in Kentuckty. (normally I correct typing glitches, but I rather like this one so it stays)

It would indeed be a miracle if the Kentuckty Ark were to float.


I was just trying to figure out what “Silencels” were.




So I guess a lot of us are pedophiles?


Who are these dingbats, and more importantly, from what cave do they keep emerging?

I have a counter-conspiracy i need to kindle: all alt-nutbar conservative rando types are actually plants by the global Sonnenkinder, the eugenically perfected Nazi grandchildren seeking to conquer the world by sending their rejects onto the stage as ideologues and rabble rousers. Obviously Liz Crokin at Co. didn’t make the cut at the creche.


Over 60% of the populace it turns out. Crazy how we even reproduce.


that obama wanted isis he started that terrorist group to cause issues here so his ass could fix them and take the credit but being on vacation instead of being in the white house he couldnt do shit trump needs to get that cash back one way or another


The best part about that fountain of crazy is that she’s attacking a Republican critical of Trump. I guess we finally found an issue with real bi-partisan support, Pizza Pedophilia.

It’s like the far right looked at long-standing conspiracy theories like the New World Order / Illuminati stuff and thought, “How can we create something like that, but pump it so full of obvious shit that nobody in their right mind would ever believe it…like a bad parody of the Illuminati coated in Stupid?” Sadly, they vastly underestimated the willingness of their base to believe the unbelievable.


I dunno, there is something about the whole thing… not intelligence or genius, certainly, but… let’s go with “low cunning”.

Basically, pedophilia and child-trafficking is something that is righteously loathed by every sane human. Even the most wretched neo-Nazi finds that repugnant. It’s probably one of the few issues that the head of the NAACP and the KKK Grand Sorcerer can agree on.

And of course if you are trafficking children to use in your liberal policy orgies ™, then you’re going to be keeping it really, really quiet, right? So it’s no wonder that the general public has never heard a whisper of it. Until now.