Stupid shit you see on Facebook


Trump is a fucking hero. Guys skips 18 holes to fly to Houston for a cup of coffee, and then donates $1M from the money he’s raking in from the Secret Service staying at his club.


At least, if he keeps this up, he’ll at least rehabilitate Warren G. Harding’s reputation as one of the worst if not the worst embarrassments as a president.


“Promises to”. Is there any evidence yet that he actually donated anything?


Proof? I don’t need no stinking proof. I’m just relying on his honor.

Oh, wait…




"In the feeble mind of a liberal…"


Mildly agree with that Hillary one, but we’ve already discussed it in the liberal thread. She’s just giving them more fodder at this point.


In which Dave Roberts completely invalidates your position.


Well, it’s one thing to keep grousing when you lose fair and square. It’s quite another when there’s at least a non-zero chance that you wuz robbed. In this case, it is well within the realm of possibility that the election was seriously compromised, and that the current president really shouldn’t be there.

In the end, of course, the burden is still Clinton’s for running a campaign that ended up in such a position that shenanigans of the sort that probably happened could cause her to lose, and the burden is even more so on the people who refused to vote at all.


Still reading that link, which is very interesting by the way.

But I’d like to state clearly that I have no problem with how Clinton ran her campaign or what she said, even comments like the deplorables which she brought back up recently by the way.

What I’m referring to is, it’s over for the time being. They will and do spin everything she says. She’s not the President, it doesn’t matter, they just want to beat the drum and dance around it for their base. Whatever. It’s a distraction for us as Democrats. Perhaps she’s doing it on purpose to take the eye off of someone else, but I find it distracting. She’s done. If she runs again, then perhaps the spin up is on purpose. But if not, why give them more to drum up support of their base.

Instead, let them stew in the current situation with all the crap Trump and team have waded into. (EDIT: I’m being overly optimistic aren’t I? They probably don’t even care.)


Oh, you’re undoubtedly right. Politics is not an arena for subtlety in this day and age it seems.


Cost her her day job despite her remorseful apology.


I’ll just say the biggest word I know over and over again and people will think I’m smart.


Copied right out of the non-apology handbook! I love it.


The very definition of one.

“I’m not actually sorry, but I wish this wasn’t having a negative impact on me.”


Thank god that cost her job, but is she still the state GOP House Whip?



“Donate Now!”


Gotta pay those legal bills.