Stupid shit you see on Facebook


I fell for it. Sneaky.


Good story but

I do not think that means…what you think it means.


Perhaps it does.



Oh knock it off, you pious jerk. Like you’ve never performed an incidental salad-tossing during a Facebook debate.


“Officer, I was just walking along and I tripped and fell into him! I just started licking as an automatic response to anything being in front my mouth! Ask anyone! They’ll tell ya! Ol’ Kevin ‘Licks Whatever’s In Front of Him’ C!”



Anyone but me suddenly want a McD’s shake and some fries for some reason?


The fries are literally the best thing about McD’s. They are like crack.


But only until they cool off, then they lose their otherworldly mystique. My kids have figured this out as well, if we drive through and grab some McD’s food they and my wife scramble to shove piping hot fries down their gullet. I swear it’s like I live with a bunch of Gollums.


Not anymore. They haven’t been very good since they started frying them in pure vegetable oil.


I know they are always cited as being better, but I honestly don’t remember what that difference was with beef tallow versus whatever they use now. It was in 1990. I can’t even remember where I was in 1990.

Getting old sucks.



If you see stupid shit on Facebook about the NFL protests, respond by posting the video below with no comment. It’s from veteran Dallas news anchor Dale Hansen, not just veteran in terms of his career, but an actual Vietnam veteran as well. It might just open a few eyes that haven’t been able to see that the outrage over the “disrespect” of the protests is just dogwhistle racism.

It might also be helpful to point out that the original protester, Colin Kaepernick, began his protests originally by sitting on the bench. He then consulted with actual military veterans on how to respectfully protest without offending them, and it was THEY who suggested taking the knee as a sign of respect during the anthem (in the same way funeral detachments will kneel when presenting the flag during a veteran’s service), so in fact, the kneeling protest is military approved, making the outrage even more ridiculous.


I appreciate that.


Ehh, let’s not go too far with this one. The US military hasn’t actually given approval for any kind of flag protest.

Veterans are veterans. Official US military statements are another thing entirely. They would never give public official approval for violations of the US Flag Code.

All that said, it’s good that Kaepernick consulted with vets.


Well sure, not Officially Approved, but he took the extra step of consulting with multiple veterans to get an unofficial OK on a method of protest that would specifically not disrespect them (and the flag). And yet today that’s exactly what these guys are accused of, what all the social outrage is about, when in fact many vets have spoken up to say they support the right of players to kneel during the anthem.

That said, I liked what the Cowboys did last night, kneeling as a team to show unity and support for their players prior to the anthem, then standing as a team for the anthem. I thought that was a good way of relating the message (equality, unity) while circumventing the misguided (and racist) argument that the entire thing is anti-American, anti-flag, anti-veteran or whatever.


That’s a good video but it gets too anti-Trump. I’m trying to engage in this debate respectfully on facebook and I am strenuously avoiding getting into the whole Trump thing.


I don’t think such a thing exists in this world!


To be fair, Trump pretty much amplified the entire NFL debate with his ridiculously undignified comments, so anything presenting a counter viewpoint is going to need to be anti-Trump by definition.


Kneeling to protest U.S. national anthem = unpatriotic and awful
Armed rebellion against U.S. government to preserve institution of slavery = heroic defense of cherished heritage