Stupid shit you see on Facebook


100% agree. It’s not anti-Trump if Trump is the one stirring up the debate in the first place. It’s just counter viewpoint.


It’s not even all that anti-Trump. It mostly just points out all the hypocrisies, dogwhistles, and fake outrage since this all started.


Our society has gone so far down the “my team vs. your team” rabbit hole that I don’t know if there’s any way out.

The worst of all is the bundling of issues. I bring up climate change and someone talks about transgenders and bathrooms. WTF?


I posted this in an NFL thread, but I think it’s worth repeating here. My son is a Purple Heart veteran. He doesn’t have any problem with the protests. He says that the right to protest is what he was fighting for.


If anyone dared give me any shit about it, I’d just say, “I served for ten years and fought in Iraq. What did you do for the flag?”


Not sure our flag or soldiers have ever been more disrespected than during the Civil War. And the same simpletons that spew shit about the protest also defend all the confederate bullshit.


Global warming is caused by Jesus getting a little flushed looking at all the hot trannies in football stadium bathrooms.


“I wore a tacky jacket made out of it.”


Aw jeez.


That is some high grade shade, and well articulated.


How can you relay this message and not get too anti Trump? He has shifted the Overton window so far here that merely presenting a reasoned opinion, based in facts, is strongly anti Trump.

Nah, I’d say if they get too offended that this is anti trump, call them snowflakes and move on.


Not facebook, but whatever.




Today I learned that it’s not only Katy Perry doing Satanic ritual worship live on TV awards shows, but Gaga also had her career boosted because she sold her soul to the Dark Lord in a secret ritual a decade ago. Also the Illuminati are apparently Satanists?


I’m surprised nobody seems to get where I’m coming from (and that’s threatening to become a trend here) but it’s really simple. I want to talk with my Michigan/Virginia family members about Black Lives Matter and the NFL protests. I don’t want to talk about Trump. That’s a serious dead end and an invitation to tune me out. I’m making an effort to communicate and listen. I don’t even know if they are Trump supporters or not.

(That said, someone wrote that this went from “one man’s opinion to mass ‘get on the train’” so I had to point out that we all know why that happened, after our president started tweeting about it. But still, I’m maintaining EXTREME NEUTRALITY and avoiding his cursed name.)

So yesterday my cousin posted that she was offended by the protests as a member of the military. Others agreed and thanked her for her service. I carefully wrote that I wasn’t disagreeing but wanted to advocate for us to also acknowledge the purpose of the protest and make it part of the discussion as well.

There were one or two “ALL lives matter” or “So tired of the strife the left is constantly stirring up.” but the majority of the replies were some variation on “Totally agree” (with the critical original post) and/or “Thank you for your service.”

Today there were a few more “Totally agree” comments so I pointed out that, yes, I think we all agree, military service is good, that part was easy, but the ongoing silence on the other side of the discussion about the issue of African Americans getting killed by police officers with no consequence was discouraging.

I got this reply from someone I don’t know: “Well a start is that they aren’t “African Americans,” unless a person of color was born in Africa they are simply Americans, the term African American continues the seperation between the races. If that were the case it would be AALM not BLM.”

I thought this was absurd but played nice and said Fair Enough and edited my post to change the terminology to “black people” and said I thought she’d simply found another distraction to avoid my point about avoiding their point.

My cousin just private messaged me! Getting somewhere.

She started with a story of a heroic cop, another cousin of hers in Las Vegas who was fired upon and then fired back and then gave CPR to the man who had tried to kill him.

Then she asked if bad things happen to good people and answered her own question with a Yes.

She said she “taught her children to respect the badge and to do what they tell you to do at that time, do not provoke or argue, do not give them a reason to feel their life is in danger.”

Then she asked if there are bad cops and answered, “Of course there are.” She thinks there are also bad doctors, bankers, teachers, and plumbers.

“Unfortunately, with all of the psychological testing done to weed out ones that aren’t fit to wear the badge, some still slip through the cracks.”

This part was heartening at least…

“I respect the badge, not the man, I respect the office of the presidency, not the president. (someone take that man’s cell phone from him please).”

Lastly, she feels that the players should be making a real difference rather than just kneeling for “1 minute and 34 seconds.”

I feel like loads of these players must be very involved in charities. I’d like to make that point to her. Do any of you football fans know if that’s the case?

P.S. My post reads a bit snarky in places but I do respect her and want to respond thoughtfully.



I understand your predicament more than would be believed from my posts.

Discussion is two things, listening and responding. You’re doing a good thing easing into it with others, especially family. Note though that it is really, really tough to move opinions these days. Doubly so via Facebook or messenger. But if you’re making headway, please keep it up.


Thanks, Skipper. I decided I’m not in it to change opinions. That’s what my mom said also (it’s futile, why bother trying?) But I’m not trying. I’m just stating my own opinions, as diplomatically and respectfully as I can because JESUS GOD IN HEAVEN it seems like the only possible solution to this clusterfuck of a moment when corporations and our own goddamn president are playing us against each other and profiting from it.


Honestly it’s hard for me to engage with people filled to the brim with such maddening hypocrisy. The “they should be doing good deeds in their communities” bullshit is exactly that. No one will admit that racism lies at the heart of these issues. It’s not the flag, the soldiers, etc.

These same people were filled with rage that people were disrespecting the confederate flag just weeks ago.