Stupid shit you see on Facebook


Yeah, I am usually pretty slow to notice trends as they’re happening but this seemed to come at me from nowhere and now it’s everywhere. Even with news outlets whose perspectives I would ostensibly agree with, if I see this kind of purple prose I just think, ugh, and I’m much less inclined to even click it.

I don’t know anyone who exists at this level of outrage, that finds this kind of crap at all useful. It’s like the narrative flipped from this kind of 80s, “keep them sleeping/buying” media attitude, like They Live. But now it’s all, we’ve got to keep them whipped up in a lather 24/7! Are they trying to give us a coronary? Do they want us dead?


I see this as well, and it is a right wing response to the lefts yelling for the firing of idiots on the right who have said or done stupid things. In the past usually it would be some right winger using the N word on Facebook or in an e-mail that costs him his job, or the checker who goes ballistic at the woman of race for no reason. Now we are seeing right wingers demand left wingers be fired for saying and doing stupid shit.

There is a whole industry out there now gathering up little bits of info from colleges and schools and then screaming that teachers should be fired. Or public officials who say stupid stuff. For ideas what these things might be just check the “Stupid Liberal Stuff” thread on QT3.


An example from yesterday. An NFL QB, Cam Newton, tried to make a sexist joke about a woman reporter asking a question to him. It wasn’t funny and she went off on him later in social media I guess. It played all over the radio yesterday.

Today the woman herself is now having to apologize because apparently somewhere in her social media history there is evidence of stuff she has said and now she has had to apologize.


That’s a whole other thing, people putting stupid stuff on social media and then getting their lives burned down in response. I think of that one woman who was headed to Africa and put some Facebook post out about “Hope I don’t get AIDS! Just kidding I’m white LOL” or something. Anyway, really dumb and insensitive but she ended up on the news, lost her job, and will probably be associated with this for the rest of her life. The punishment for thoughtless use of social media is swift and ruthless.


Twitter is close enough and nearly the whole thing is stupid, especially the people running it.


In 1865 a Democrat shot a Republican president. It’s the Dems who need their guns taken away.


The wonderfully horrible irony of it all is that the people who are most vocal in screaming about “snowflakes” and people who allegedly have to be “coddled,” are the ones who go ballistic at the slightest, well, slight to them or their views.


Posted by a old high school classmate. Still deciding whether or not to burn that bridge on both ends by letting him know that that image is literally the dumbest fucking thing I’ve seen on social media in months. Arguably this entire year. Man, I love when the party of personal responsibility has to deflect their own racial animus toward a minority. The fucking irony.


This sort of attitude–blaming racism on Obama–makes sense to a segment of the population whose views on race are based on a white-dominated status quo, where the natural state of things is a universal assumption that everything is fine, and everyone knows their “place.” And clearly, to these folks, only white people have a place in the highest positions in society. By that logic, sure, a black man becoming president is de facto an act of provocation and agitation. Or something. It is rather hard to parse otherwise.


I too struggle with whether to burn the bridge in a bonfire, or just disassemble it quietly (e.g. unfriend). So far I’ve mostly chosen the latter, and it’s probably for the best.


I just witnessed someone write a book that Jesus helped them make their standby flight at the airport.

Yeah, that’s totally what Jesus is doing: making sure your cheap seats pan out.


What it is, is that in the last decade we transformed into a society where literally everyone has a camera, and we started getting footage of cops don’t all the shit that black people have been saying they were doing for decades.

This has had a major effect on race relations.

In the past, white folks could just say that such things didn’t really happen.

Now they are forced to either stand against such things, or admit that they don’t care.


Well my black Republican friend just shared Mike Cernovich on Facebook.

I’m officially beyond my ability to even. I’m sure Mike would love his white wife and the White Genocide they represent.


I’m really close to deleting my Facebook and Twitter accounts.


In this day and age, I’m not sure I’m wanting to hang a company out to dry for taking this approach in terms of privacy. It sure sucks in this situation, but I’m happy if what you delete actually gets deleted.

EDIT: To be clear, I certainly would enjoy seeing them kicked in the balls for many other reasons, though. :)


I agree and also don’t (which describes view on anything as I approach 50. What the fucks happens to us???)

It makes is safer for the privacy of the users to use that approach.

Conversely, we have the POTUS and many other government officials and official spokespeople for companies and organizations making public statements via Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Those are now akin to public statements/documents, and should be saved for that very reason.

This is a huge dilemma that will only get worse. People who do something wrong will continue to attempt to hide it after the fact, and social platforms are no different.

As an example, if I tweeted, “I want to rape you,” to some woman on Twitter, then deleted it or cancelled my account after, but later had other actions against her, shouldn’t that be discoverable information for legal or similar reasons? Shouldn’t she be able to go to the authorities and say, “well he tweeted it to me and I’d like to be able to get a restraining order, you should be able to get it from Twitter.”

How do you balance situations like that?


Oh I agree, it’s tricky. I’m with you, I don’t know where the balance is. What we’re seeing right now is a significant downside to the current system.


Twitter and Facebook are evil. So are cell phones and GPS systems and any other technology I am too old to understand or care about.


Facebook went years ago (I logged in a dozen times in a few years)

Twitter went in June. I was on it many hours a day beforehand so was a challenge resisting for 30 days to log on main account. My many other accounts remain untouched.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


It’s not about the technology, it’s about the organizational leadership that doesn’t give a fuck about anything but money.

Twitter doesn’t even make money so I don’t know what their problem is.