Stupid Spyware I Can't Seem to Get Rid Of

I’ve got this stupid “My Diet Patches” spyware that comes up pretty frequently (with appropriately annoying wav file). I’ve run Spybot, checked for unknown programs in the Add/Remove programs box and can’t seem to get rid of it. Anyone know anything about how to kill it?

Adaware seems to catch the ones Spybot doesn’t get and vice versa. I’d start with Adaware.

And failing that, I’d say use HijackThis. This is an incredible tool that gives you a listing of all the potential places that software can hijack your web browser and everything registered in those places. Not all of the results from a scan will be bad. But if you suspect you have spyware on your computer, its about the best way to find it, IMO.

Doing a Google search on some of the results (especially BHO, HKLM and HKCU,and Startup results) is the best way to glean information on what’s installed.

[ul][li]If its a valid program, you’ll usually find a link giving some explanation as to what it is.
[/li][li]If its well-known spyware, then chances are you’ll find some information on it. Usually from a spyware library of some kind.
[/li][li]And if its spyware/trojan with a randomly generated name, you’re likely not to find any results.[/ul]
[/li]And of course, if you’re unsure of anything, you can save the log and post it here for any one to peruse.

Thanks for the tips. I ran Ad Aware and it came up with a bunch of stuff Spybot missed so I might stick with it for a while.

Use both. What one misses the other one usually gets, and vice versa.

Use both. What one misses the other one usually gets, and vice versa.[/quote]

So …

Which one should he use, then?

both. or neither.