Stupid Stupid Battlefield 1942 graphics issues

I just updated to 1.45 and now I have a black box hanging above center on my screen. It’s partially transparent but very angering. Anyone else have this happen?

what kind of vid card are you using?

Haven’t seen the black box on my ATI Radeon 8500, but the 1.45 patch does give me some fits. I can play a multiplayer game, but when I disconnect from a server and try to connect to a different one, the game asks me to put my CD back in the drive. I think a few other people have seen this too…can’t believe they didn’t catch it in testing.

Radeon 9800 Pro 128 with the latest catalyst drivers

I thought it may have been due to my installation of a no-cd patch, but I reloaded and ran from the CD and STILL have the problem. damnable patches.

There was some sort of bug in the 1.45 patch, so they released an updated 1.45 patch. I don’t think they renumbered it, though. There’s a link on the official site.

I updated it today