Stupid things that bug you more than they should

Ever have something minor and inconsequential that other people do bother you way more than it should? Pet peeves that are just silly?

Mine, online at least, is the extremely common misspelling of “ridiculous” as “rediculous.” I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s so common. It’s not like you pronounce the word red-ick-you-lus, like the color. It’s “rid,” like “I’m going to rid the world of people who pettily harp on spelling errors.” :)

I see it all the time, though, particularly online. I also know at least one magazine editor who does it. The weird thing is, spelling accuracy in online forums in general doesn’t bug me; I’ve certainly made my share of typos. But that one just bugs me because I can’t make sense of how they even come up with that spelling.

Other pet peeves?

Yeah, I have a few of those spelling pet peeves too. Including the one you gave, but to be fair, I understand phonetic spelling pretty well. I tend to do it because I hear the word in my head rather than see it – so even though I haven’t habitually misspelled “ridiculous,” I understand where it comes from: The pronunciation of “ridiculous” is somewhat vague the “rid” sometimes has the sound of “I” in “it,” and sometimes it sounds like “red” if said quickly. It’s a mushy sound, so that’s probably why it’s frequently misspelled.

Among my peeves are misused homonyms – “through,” “threw,” “too,” “two,” “to,” etc. And the Godawful practice of completely ignoring commas or paragraph separation. I hate spending too much time interpreting what the hell the writer was trying to say.

I’m certainly not above making mistakes. The “Edit” button in forums is my best friend.

AHA! So your the one who anonymously jumped on me about accept/except! :)

Dammit! While I was sure I had it spelled correctly, you two spelling nazis forced me to look up anonymous.


Sorry, Ty. Not me. I don’t rag people about it. I just grit my teeth. :)

Although I don’t know anybody who pronounces it “RED-dic-u-lous,” I know lots of people who say “RE-dic-u-lous” rather than “RID-dic-u-lous,” so that’s probably why people spell it that way.

I hate to say this, but my pet peeve is people using “loose” (or “looser”) for “lose” / “loser”. Everyone does it and I think it’s so, so stupid that it bugs me so much, but it does.

Well, I definitely heard a grinding sound as i read the snippy correction, but I will take your word for it. :wink:

This is the fruit of spell-checking programs, that only catch outright misspellings.

Here. Is. What. I. Hate.

AHA! So your the one who anonymously jumped on me about accept/except! :)

Dammit! While I was sure I had it spelled correctly, you two spelling nazis forced me to look up anonymous.[/quote]

…you’re the one…

…and there is one of my pet peeves online. Your and you’re.

In the real world, my strongest pet peeve that my wife says I take too seriously is turn signals. How hard is it to flip that level when you’re changing lanes? And I know you’re in a left turn only lane, but how about letting me know you realize that and turn on the left turn signal? Come on!

My online spelling pet peeves:

  • your/you’re
  • loose/lose (hand in hand with looser/loser)
  • there/their/they’re
  • too/to (the number two is usually OK)

Errors such as its/it’s, who/whom and so forth I can understand because the rules are more difficult to learn.

Some other online pet peeves:

  • people who criticize spelling or grammar, but when you fling it back at them make like YOU are the petty grammar nazi.
  • typing in all caps when it isn’t used as emphasis (yelling).
  • when a URL is displayed and it is so fucking long that it makes my already 1024 wide, maximized browser window have a horizontal scroll bar, thus throwing off the readability of the entire rest of the page.
  • web pages such as the penny arcade cartoon display pages where you have to scroll just to get a navigation bar (usability).

When did this whole loose/lose thing appear anyway, did they change how it’s taught in school? That one drives me nuts.

I have a bunch that make me cringe, but here are some greatest hits:

An apostrophe in the possessive “its.”

Spelling “judgment” with an e - “judgement.” That is often listed as a variant spelling or an English spelling (though I hear it is argued about there, too), but it is incorrect for US legal work.

If it is a formal document, one space after a period or placing punctuation outside the quotation marks will cheese me off, too.

I’m more forgiving on message boards since they are very informal.

If my wife had used here turn signal a few months ago, my insurance wouldn’t have gone up by $100 per month.

Here’s the scenario:

My wife is in the rightmost lane of three lanes. This lane ends and forces everybody to merge to the left into the middle lane. A 20ish looking guy in a souped up trans am is behind her and TO THE LEFT in the leftmost lane. (That’s important.)

My wife slowly merges into the next lane to the left, but she doesn’t use her blinker.

Hotrod man decides that my wife is going too slow (I’m speculating here of course, but hear me out.) He decides to PASS MY WIFE ON THE RIGHT BY ENTERING THE DISAPPEARING RIGHT LANE!

Now my wife is taking her sweet old time about the lane change, and her car sort of floats in the middle of the disappearing right lane and the middle lane for a second.

Hotrod man can’t make it around her, and maybe she drifts toward the right a bit, but hotrod sideswipes her ON THE RIGHT!

Amazingly, State Police Woman says that the accident is my wife’s fault because hotrod claims she didn’t use her blinker and my wife can’t remember whether she did or not, but she’s worried that she forgot.

So hotrod isn’t at fault even though he swerved all the way to the right to pass my wife when he could easily have passed her on the left. (Idiot.)

Have I mentioned that my wife was 3 months pregnant at the time?

Passing on the right is illegal in other countries, but not this one. I think it’s because we’re a society of lane hoggers.

p.s. - Your wife is too honest.

Putting a period after Ms even though it isn’t an abbreviation (unlike Mrs. and Mr.).

Too bad it’s now common practice, even if it’s technically wrong.


Here’s another dumb one (now an accepted alternate, but I’m old school): “alright” rather than the correct “all right.” I know I’m nuts to let this one bother me, but I let out an exasperated sigh every time I see it in a game (see any game made by Tim Cain).

Alright, your all getting a bit to picky in my judgement. People are simply posting thoughts off the top of there heads and your labeling them as loosers. Ive made my share of posting mistakes threw grammer errors and think it’s rediculous you cannot except an occasional booboo.


Yeah, but anonymous posts with wacky names in all capital letters are a laugh riot. ;)

– Xaroc

Besides, Comady Polease would have been funnier.