Stupid (Young) Lawyer Tricks

Here is an e-mail exchange between a young lawyer entering the workforce and a prospective employer.

I find this deeply amusing b/c in my current job I am the “technical superviser” of half a dozen young lawyers the although the attitude displayed by the young Ms. Abdala is extreme, she is not alone.

And my brother lawyers sometimes wonder why our profession is so disliked. We have only ourselves to blame :).

For the record, IMO although the employer is a bit stodgy in this exchange, he is basically in the right and the young applicant displays a breathtaking arrogance.

Haha thats awesome. That chick deserves what she gets.

Heh, that’s cute. Reading the first two emails, I was siding with the young lawyer as I’m guessing the real story is that she got a better job elsewhere at the last minute. Then I saw how unprofessional her response was, and realized that she wasn’t doing herself any favors with her conduct.

Hell yeah, if you’ve got the right to do it, no apology necessary!

Oh man is that woman stupid. I’ve been working in the Boston legal community for a few years now and it’s really a small world. This is definitely gonna bite her in the ass.

Especially as I see that she apparently is starting her own practice to do criminal defense. Where does she think she’s gonna get referrals from?

It’s not just the legal field that creates these kinds of people. I’ve known a few in my time. Years ago I attended a conference where there was a symposium on “the dark side” of personality as it relates to the workplace. One of the presenters talked about a whole line of research on what he called an “Abberant Self Promoter” (or ASP for short). This person seems like they might fit that bill.

This just in: 24-year-old acts like immature, arrogant twit. Gasp!

I don’t really see the lawyer connection. Idiots like this are everywhere.

You see this in graphic design too. There are loads of graduates with expertise in only one(1) software product, as relevant to either print or web work (respectively, usually InDesign or Dreamweaver) no expertise in the essential technology (respectively, CMYK prepress or interpreted programming languages, etc) and no background in traditional arts (can’t draw or paint.)

So, all they have is the attitude. It actually carries some people a long way at first, especially when it comes to pressing the flesh and getting contracts. But it bites them in the rear later when the actual output has to exist.

This thread is useless without pictures.

Lawyers have headshots now?

Yeah, phone book ads. That one is a little over the top. It’s up to the lawyer to reign in whatever lothario they hire to do their publicity snaps.

Yeah, they do triple damage and set up the subpoena combo.

I’m just glad it’s over. It’s always a shame when a defense attorney has to focus on stuff like this instead of doing the important work, namely, getting violent criminals back onto the streets on technicalities.

That’s not all we do. Sometimes we sit in our offices and scheme.

As a young “professional” who just got started in his first post-graduate job I am amazed that someone would do something like that. The amount of ass I kissed on my job interviews was truly disgusting. And now that this woman’s name and emails are up for everyone… well thats not good.

Wow, that’s one hell of an overbite.

That picture makes her look naughty, and inviting. I’m saying that in the American Pie dad voice.

I heard it in the Christopher Walken voice, sorry.

Apparently she’s a trust fund recipient, so there’s no pressing need for her to find work.


Good for a grudge fuck, though.