Stupidity lives on

This gentleman spent a lot of effort actually removing a UMD disc from its casing, before putting it into his PSP, and then^H^H^H^H just read this:

I would like to believe this for hilarity, but it has to be a prank. He can post on forums, upload digital pics etc… but does this? Got to be a joke?

Yeah, I don’t believe it either. That poster is just whacking a beehive with a big stick.

Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not as it’s still an eye rolling smirky good time. There is probably someone out there that actually did that, though, but they don’t have the S-M-R-Ts to actually get on a computer and post about it.

Low-brow Simpsons reference Equisilus…

but yeah, I doubt he really did that. Apparently there are Pics, but they’ve been bandwidth exceeded…

I believe it. I’ve spoken in my store to people that wanted to know how to open the casing to get the disk out. Just like people that return 360/Wii controllers saying they can’t get them to work.

It’s a simple case of RTFM.

What does “low-brown” mean?

Anyway, that guy is pulling their legs. You can see in the thread later he says his parents would beat him if they heard him crying. He’s just joking around.

On a somewhat related aside, in talking with the game retailers that accept used games around here, they’ve told me more than a few times that those white cases often become unglued and the discs fall out rendering them useless.

Yes they do. My copy of Lumines is hanging on by a thread. Putting any degree of pressure on UMD’s can make the clear front of the shell separate from the white part.

I changed PSP cases to avoid just this sort of thing, the old Pelican case was trying to cram too much into the package, even if I only put in 4 rather than 6 discs. No problems now that I have a folio case.

Meant Low-brow, corrected, and I’m sure you understood what I said.

I suspect fibbery. He posted another thread about dropping his PSP and getting a “scratch with rainbow colors” on the screen and has several posts made after the UMD thread about general PSP usage.

Yeah, I was just in a snipey mood for some reason. I should have jumped into Gothic and taken it out on some Orcs instead.